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New Vid: Self-Employed cleaner has her ABN cancelled by ATO
Previous vid: Federal Court Judge says treatment of ‘Michael' by ATO unfair.

It could happen to you...

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International Policy Discussion (vid)

This video explores the freelance landscape across the world with Ken Phillips representing contractors in Australia, Professor Patricia Leighton outlining her research into the rise of independent working across Europe and Simon McVicker discussing freelancing in the UK

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ABC Four Corners exposed the truth about the ATO treatment of vulnerable small business people. First airing on 9th April, the program is available here. (Also available on ABC iView.)

Stay tuned for
"Bunch of Bastards"

ATO Statistics on Small Business Attacks

  • 253,000 tax audit adjustments a year are sent
  • 25,000 objections result
  • 15,000 garnishees against small businesses people (ATO orders bank to take your money)
  • 37 small business people are bankrupted a week

Tax Audit Support Insurance

$50,000 of professional defense against ATO investigation of your

  • Income Tax
  • Personal Services Income
  • GST liabilities
  • Company tax
  • Self Managed Super

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Key Tax Information for the self-employed on PSI, income splitting and more

Unfair contract protection

Up to $10,000 professional assistance if you believe you have an unfair contract.

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Have a look at this very useful resource from business.gov.au about preventing and managing disputes 

Owner-Driver Justice

Owner drivers have been abused in the past.
We’re working on a class action for compensation.


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  2. Unfair contract headache for banks at Royal Commission Self-Employed Australia 05-Jun-2018
  3. We’re not mongrels and we don’t cook people, says ATO boss Self-Employed Australia 31-May-2018
  4. Like the banks, the ATO needs a Royal Commission Self-Employed Australia 24-May-2018

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7 key ATO powers ... greater than the police

Details here for Self-Employed Australia members. Join here. Tell your accountant.

How the ATO attacks your ABN rights

In late 2017 the ATO suddenly withdrew the ABNs of 16 work-from-home, low-income, self-employed people. This immediately destroyed their incomes. It took almost 13 weeks of hard pressure before the ATO backed down. Here’s the full story.

Testimonials from the 16

Testimonials from the ABN victims

Tax attack!

Our most recent postings on taxation matters

Incredible Tax Story: Rod Douglass

The ATO accused Rod of fraud
It wanted $440,000
We spent two years defending Rod
In Court the ATO withdrew, admitting that its accusation was baseless

Here’s the incredible true story

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