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Past Advocacy: Australian Politics

ICA follows and reports on Australian politics and how it affects self-employed, independent contractors.


Election 2016

ICA's assessment of the parties’ small business positions:
full statement on the 2016 Federal election (June 2016)

Abbott Government 

Ministerial Statement on Achievments in 2014/Plans for 2015

ATO told to behave (October 2013)

Founding ICA President Bob Day elected to Senate

Coalition:     33 Senators
Labor:          26 Senators
Greens:       9 Senators
Palmer United Party:   3 Senators
Others        5 Senators
Total:         76 Senators

Votes needed to pass legislation: 39

Balance of power to be shared by:
•    Nick Xenophon, independent (SA)
•    David Leyonhjelm, Liberal Democrat (NSW)
•    Ricky Muir, Australian Motoring Enthusiasts Party (Vic)
•    Bob Day, Family First  (SA)
•    John Madigan, Democratic Labor Party (Vic)
•    Glenn Lazarus, Palmer United Party (Qld)
•    Jacqui Lambie, Palmer United Party (Tas)
•    Zhenya Wang, Palmer United Party (WA)

Coalition needs 6 of 8 of the independents to pass legislation

Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Government legacy needing reform

Road ‘Safety’ Tribunal = government attacking owner drivers 2012

Government attacks people running their own clothing business at home 2012

Abbott Opposition Small Business Promises

2013 (Sept) Abbott Coalition Small Business Policy

2013 (August) Forum with Coalition on its policies. Video and commentary

2013 (May) Major economic reform with small business at centre

2013 Plan for Small Business Fairness

2013 Summary: Plan for Small Business 

2012 Coalition position statement

ICA chairman supports Coalition stance

Coalition small business policies 2010

Shadow small business minister 

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