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Global Comparisons

Here we compare different countries/regions in terms of how they treat self-employed people and hence affect entrepreneurship and innovation in their societies. What we witness are very strange attacks against the self-employed saying we are ‘socially destructive’, and more with deliberate attempts to close down self-employment. On the other hand, there are positive moves to support self-employment. It makes for an interesting global battle of ideas and policies.  See also our discussions on entrepreneurship policy.


ICA specializes in Australian issues. See this link and also our drop down menu ‘Current Issues’.


United Kingdom

The rise and rise of self-employment
Exotic dancers and the tyranny of the status quo?
UK vs Australia: Government attitudes to self-employment
UK Lib Dems praise self-employed (Oct. 2014)
2014: New EU research on iPros—ICA summary
(with link to full report)
New entrepreneur group
Latest UK tax developments fail self-employed people 2012

Ken Phillips commentary 2012
ICA compares and comments on UK contractor tax issues. 2010


Land of the (not so) free
Classifying independent contractors: Two different approaches
US tax headaches
Push for ‘misclassification’ continues. November 2013 events update
US ‘Misclassification’ laws spread 2013

Massachusetts hates self-employed people 2013
USA Federal misclassification wrong 2010


Now it’s some Canadians complaining about self-employment
Entrepreneurial Index result 2014

Canada to require union financial disclosure 2012
ICA explains how Canada’s tax system discriminates against self-employed people.

Ken Phillips discusses the Canada tax issue


Leading the way



European Union

2014: New EU research on iPros—ICA summary (with link to full report)
EC says small business vital for jobs recovery




The Cuban Revolution

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