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Class Action for Owner-Drivers Affected by RSRT

Thousands of owner-drivers suffered major financial losses as a result of the orders of the Road ‘Safety’ Remuneration Tribunal.

A class action to recover damages is being organized for owner-drivers.
  • Further details are below.
  • To become part of the action will need to fill out a questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire is available to members of Independent Contractors Australia.
  • Your information will be kept confidential and forwarded to the lawyers organizing the class action. They will contact you.
If you are are not a member of Self-Employed Australia, you can join Self-Employed Australia here.

If/when you are member of Self-Employed Australia, you can complete the questionnaire here.

More information about the class action, May 2016

It’s great that the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal was abolished (19 April 2016). But we are aware that thousands of owner-drivers suffered substantial financial losses over the last few months because of the RSRT. For many, these losses continue. We believe the overall losses would be in the tens of millions of dollars at least.

High Court

We, Independent Contractors Australia, began a High Court challenge to the RSRT. That challenge is now stopped, of course, but we are ready to go again if Bill Shorten seeks to reintroduce the RSRT if he wins the election this year. Bill Shorten has said he will do this.

Potential to recover losses: Class Action

There is a potential opportunity for you to recover a substantial portion of your losses that won’t cost you anything or put you at further risk.

Lawyers have approached us saying that they believe they can run class action litigation to sue for recovery of losses. If you are interested, you can join this class action that would operate as follows, based on what the lawyers have told us:
  • The lawyers would run the case.
  • Litigant funders would pay all costs.
  •  If you joined the action, you would receive an undertaking from the lawyers that there would be no costs to you, even if the action was not successful.
  • You would be able to withdraw from the action at any time if you wanted, at no risk to you.
Under these arrangements we are prepared to assist you to access the class action if you are interested. We think it only just that you have an opportunity to get back money for your losses.

Application process

Here are the arrangements if you were interested:
  • Any application to join the action needs to be made through ICA and is available only to ICA members. People who are not members can join ICA for $55 here
  • You will need to fill out the application questionnaire here. This asks for basic information, including your assessment of your losses and whether you have evidence of your losses. You are not committed to anything by filling in this questionnaire. When you access the questionnaire you will need your ICA login details to enter. Confidentiality is assured.
  • The questionnaire will go to the lawyers who will contact you and follow up with you from there. They will explain everything.
  •  If you decide to join the action, your arrangements will be directly with the lawyers.
Please note that Independent Contractors Australia is/will not be part of the action, is not running the action and will not receive any money if the action is successful. ICA is connecting you to this opportunity to recover losses as part of our service to our members.


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