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We Campaign to Defend Owner-Drivers

 Victorian Owner-Driver laws Review 2017

  • A close eye needs to be maintained on Victoria in case there’s an attempt to damage owner-drivers. Here’s our submission to the Review.

The Australian Road ‘Safety’ Remuneration laws

Small Business Ombudsman Report into the impact of the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (September 2016)

A Summary of the key findings and recommendations of the Small Business Ombudsman's Report into the impact of the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal is available here.

An attempt to destroy small business people (May 2016)

Australian road ‘safety remuneration’ laws introduced in 2012 reached a peak in 2016 when it eventually became clear that the laws were specifically intended to destroy the businesses of 35,000 owner drivers. The laws forced self-employed owner-drivers to charge significantly higher rates than charged by employee-structured transport firms. The laws priced owner-drivers out of the market. Fortunately, the laws were repealed in April 2016, saving the businesses of owner-drivers.

ICA had a heavy involvement in the campaign to remove the laws, including mounting a High Court challenge.  Below are links to our commentary during our campaigning.

We are now assisting with a class action for owner-drivers to recover their losses. See here.

The Federal RSRT laws were directly modelled on the NSW owner-driver laws that effectively deliver market dominance to the big transport firms in NSW and to the Transport Workers Union. In 2005 we campaigned against those NSW laws. Here’s the extensive briefing we did in 2005 explaining the laws, which are anti-competitive, anti-free market and anti-small business.

ICA Commentary on RSRT Campaign (March 2016 to May 2016)

More juice in the truckies’ tank. Compensation. High Court. High Politics

'Dangerous idiots intent on destroying small business people'

‘Evil’ anti-owner driver laws formally dead

Great news: RSR Tribunal legislation has been repealed

Owner-Drivers Update: It's D-Day on two fronts

Anti-owner driver laws update: Now to Parliament

Only one more Senator needed to repeal RSRT

ICA launches Constitutional challenge to anti-truckie laws

PM Turnbull needs to stand up for Owner Drivers

ICA calls for owner-drivers' stories for its High Court application

Disaster for owner-drivers started yesterday. We seek to stop it

We launch High Court challenge to defend owner-drivers

Senator Glenn Lazarus moves to save owner-drivers from bankruptcy

The Tyranny of a Tribunal: Owner-Drivers Screwed Over

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