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     Research: Profiles

ICA has been accumulating research that provides a 'picture' of what motivates and drives self-employed people and what we ‘look like'. At ICA we collect research from around the globe. There are definite global trends apparent.


This chart gives an overview.

These 2 videos provide interesting and perhaps surprising information on what we 'look like':


Global Reports

What motivates 'us' self-employed people (entrepreneurs)? [2012 research papers]

Independent Contractors are Happier! [2004 Zurich Uni]


Australian Reports

IPro Index 2015 (Infographic)

Home workers are the hardest workers. (2013)

Roy Morgan Research spotlight on small business (2013)

Independent professionals are productive: IPro survey 2012

Profile: Entity Solutions IPro Survey 2011

Self-Employed Research: IPro 2010

Profile: Breakthrough research on Australian micro-business profiling [ICA desk audit 2010]

UK/EU Reports

Profiles: Future Working—The Rise of Europe’s Independent Professionals (2014). Full report. ICA Summary.

One-third of working pensioners are self-employed (2013).

Recent profiling of UK self-employed shows an increase of 367,000 while employee numbers are down 430,000.  


USA Reports

Around 10% (17m) of US workers are  independent contractors: an increase of 1 million in one year.

This report, "The State of Independence in America", gives a breakdown by job types, incomes and geography showing a wide spread across the USA. ICA summary of the report here.


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