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2017 a year of transformation. 2018 a year for building self-employed rights

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

2017 was a hugely busy and transformational year for Self-Employed Australia on many important fronts.

Since forming in 2000 under the name Independent Contractors Australia, we have focused on one thing—advocacy for the rights of self-employed Australians. In this respect, we have had major successes even though we are entirely a volunteer group.

However, particularly in our dealings with the Australian Taxation Office, we have come to the realization that focusing on public policy alone is not good enough. Our experience has been that, in relation to self-employed people, the ATO ignores policy and law that doesn’t suit its revenue ambitions. It flouts the law in the belief, based on long experience, that small business people cannot afford to defend themselves. The ATO wins by default, not because of the facts of situations but through bureaucratic intimidation.

This experience with the ATO has been replicated in dealings with large businesses on unfair contract issues. Might wins, not right!

Because of this long experience, we decided back in 2015 to restructure, bringing a range of real services to members, attracting membership and securing independent revenue. The aim was to add to our policy advocacy in a way that would allow us to supply personalised professional help for individual members with ATO or unfair contract issues. Not only could we assist individual members but we would send signals to the ATO and large businesses that at least one organization was sufficiently resourced to hold them to account. Hopefully this would cause change in both the ATO and the large organisations.

It’s been a long, focused journey putting this in place. In 2017 we implemented our restructuring centred around our Protected Membership category. Our annual report details the year.

2018 is our year of promotion, to grow our membership, thus obtaining the resources to provide strong services to Self-Employed Australia members and, through public policy reform, improve the Australian business environment for all self-employed people.

We invite you to join us on our journey. For media and politically involved persons who follow our efforts, 2018 will be a big year. We have significant policy plans in place.

For self-employed people, we invite you to join us. For membership benefits and to join click here.

Your membership provides you valuable insurance cover from ATO and unfair contract attack. But more than that, you enable us to improve the lot of all Australian self-employed people. It’s in everyone’s self-interest to create community strength to defend ourselves.
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