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Big business struggling to control the plot and to call the shots. No surprise!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Big business ‘leaders’, such as the Business Council of Australia for example, have for many months been openly expressing their worry that they are failing to influence public policy.

It’s not such a surprise. Australia’s big business leaders have for some time openly and through political backdoors been trying to kill off important economic reforms that make for a better Australian economy.

Here’s just a few examples. Big business tried to:
 As these things and others play out:
No wonder big business didn’t get tax cuts recently (and they are complaining!)

What’s been happening for a long time is that Australian big business lobbyists DON’T run arguments to protect and enhance the operations of a quality economy. Instead, they quite nakedly leverage to retain or create special advantage for big business. But the Australian public have elected independent Senators who now control the balance of power. It’s changed the political equation. The independents have a history and attitude toward assisting small business people. And we’ve seen some important outcomes as a result—for example, the unfair contract laws for small business.

This long campaign is not about giving small business people an advantage over big business. It’s about targeting business-to-business practices and regulations in our economy to give everyone, regardless of their business size, an actual (not just theoretical) opportunity to compete.  

Because big business leaders in Australia have been failing in this respect they have lost influence. And so they should! But maybe they are learning.

Following Federal Small Business Ombudsman, Kate Carnell’s slamming of big business payment practice to small business, there have been some changes.
These are good first steps but it needs more:
These are excellent steps but big business needs to respond.

What’s important in the regulatory space is not big versus small business, but the quality of the functioning of the Australian economy.


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