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Updates: Uber, fair contracts and independent contractors

Sunday, October 18, 2015

ICA is proud of its efforts over the last seven years arguing for the unfair contract laws for small business people. We’ve said that we’re delighted that the Turnbull government is moving forward with the laws. And we’re thankful to the Senate and to Senators for making sure the laws will have a wide application.  More...

Yes! Massive win for Australian business, small and big

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Yesterday afternoon, the new Small Business Minister Kelly O’Dwyer announced that the Turnbull government would accept the Senate's amendments to the ‘unfair contracts protections’ Bill for small business people.

ICA is DELIGHTED!  More...

A changing world: UK conservatives attack ‘undeserving rich'

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Against all predictions, the UK Conservatives won government at the May 2015 election—and strongly. We can surmise that part of their win resulted from the big shift to self-employment that is happening in the UK. In fact, self-employment has accounted for all UK jobs growth over the last four years.

Even the new UK Labour leader, the openly socialist Jeremy Corbyn, is courting self-employed people. That’s a surprise! But a bigger surprise comes from the Conservative’s Justice Secretary, Michael Gove, who at this week’s Tory Conference attacked the ‘undeserving’ rich! What’s going on? More...

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