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Defeat Dan’s war against the self-employed

Monday, October 12, 2020

The Victorian Premier’s Department invited us to respond to the Victorian report on the gig economy. Silly them!

The gig economy report is a con. It’s a Trojan Horse designed to unleash the dogs of (legal) war against self-employed people in Victoria and across Australia. We expressed our massive opposition to this when the report was released in July this year and Premier Andrews stated his keen support to implement the report’s recommendations.

We’ve done an analysis of the report along with a link to the report. We’ve also responded to the Premier’s Department. In our response we say:
We vehemently oppose the recommendations in the report, particularly recommendation number 6 to ‘ditch’ common law as the definer of self-employment and replace it with some unknown new definition.

We find that there is no connection between the research contained in the report and its recommendation. Consequently, we consider the report to be a ‘con job’ seeking to create a political and public relations smokescreen to achieve a predetermined agenda—namely, the effective outlawing of self-employment in Victoria.

We advise that to defend the right of our members and all Victorians to be self-employed we will do everything we can to oppose any implementation of the report’s recommendations. The recommendations are shameful.
Quite clearly we see the Victorian government’s moves as a massive threat to the more than 540,000 self-employed people in Victoria. On top of the discrimination and economic devastation imposed on ‘us’ by the Andrews Labor government’s Covid-19 incompetence, it seems Victorian Labor has a death desire for self-employed people. It’s a staggering situation.
Joanne bould commented on 13-Oct-2020 05:35 AM
Daniel Andrews does not like small business or the self employed he has been trying since 2018 to kill them all off. I believe that this lockdown is to do as much damaged to these people and businesses as possible. All he cares about is control. He cannot control people who work for themselves. He does not want people to be self sufficient because he cannot control them.He wants to turn Victoria into China,he is a dictator. People, self employed, small business are not part of his plan and he will not be happy until he has killed off every last one of them.

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