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New EU research: More escaping "wage slavery"

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Important new research released in April has found that the number of independent professionals (iPros) in Europe has increased 45 per cent since 2004. Undertaken for the Professional Contractors Group in the UK, the study not only presents data on a country-by-country basis, but also includes profiling results which show that the major determinants for choosing self-employment are a sense of fulfilment and flexibility in working patterns.

The report says:
“Traditional hierarchical organisations are struggling. New ways of working are emerging, new forms of collaboration, new structures, new alliances and new opportunities. iPros are at the heart of this.”
The full PCG report is available here. ICA has a summary of the report here.

Unsurprisingly, at around the same time (when the self-employment figures for the UK were released), leading UK trades unions claimed that the rise in self-employment was nothing to celebrate, as it showed little more than a trend to solo operation, with most work of the "insecure" kind, born out of necessity rather than choice. Such claims were described as "baseless" by one government agency and the PCG itself vigorously rebutted the union's claims.
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