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Thursday, August 17, 2017

A few update issues:

Competition law reform. Success!
We reported to you last Sunday on why the ‘effects test’ Bill is opposed by Labor. It’s simple: Follow the money. Coles pays the shoppies’ union who pays the Labor Party. Coles opposes the Bill. Labor opposes the Bill. Well, on Wednesday, the Misuse of Market Power Bill (Effects test) passed Parliament. Here’s the Senate debate  (watch from about 12.52). Labor opposed. The Greens supported the Bill along with other independent Senators. Well done to them in ensuring a fairer deal for small business people and competition!

Paying small business on time
Talking of fairer deals, the Business Council of Australia’s Supplier Payment Code is supported by the Victorian Small Business Commissioner. That’s good! It’s a start but we don’t think it’s strong enough. Only 52 companies have so far signed up. And we can’t see that Coles or Woolworths have joined. It’s looking more PR than real!

Small Business mental health
It’s good to see the recognition that’s emerging that small business people can suffer from mental health issues. (Um, particularly if they are not being paid on time!!) Congratulations to the Victorian Small Business Commissioner for creating a focus on this often-ignored truth.

Billson leaving franchisors?
We’ve kept you informed about Abbott Small Business (former) Minister Bruce Billson’s lobbying for the franchisors to water down the Vulnerable (7-Eleven) Workers Bill. The ABC now reports that Billson is ‘weighing up his future’ about representing the franchisors following revelations he was being paid by them when an MP.

The dark art of marketing
Victoria’s Small Business Festival has some great free seminars. There’s a good one on-line (7.30pm, 22 August) covering that scary topic ... MARKETING! It’s a dark art exercised by corporate types with plenty of other people’s money to spend. But for small businesses it can be an expensive way just to get a new logo. This seminar shows how to build a system that delivers new clients to your business even when you aren't there. Check the Victoria Small Business Festival site for other great events.
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