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Your Vote is your Power – Put Labor last – Victorian Council Elections

Thursday, October 01, 2020

Victorian’s feel powerless. But we say: use your VOTE this council election.

Whether you believe that the lockdown is necessary or not, the Victorian Covid-19 mess is the direct result of the huge failures of the Andrews’ Labor government. They admit this.

Politicians only understand your VOTE.

We say, in these Victorian council elections, put Labor last when you vote.
Send Labor a massive message.

We have a website that:
  • Lists all candidates in each Victorian council
  • Identifies candidates who are Labor/Green or Labor/Green preferencing.

Check this website so you can put these candidates last. Voting closes on 23 October.

Here is the website link.

In our 20+ years’ history, Self-Employed Australia has never in any election recommend how people should vote. We have always researched political parties’ policies and published that information.

The Victorian situation has pushed us for the first time to urge a vote against Labor.

Premier Dan Andrews has:
  • Stated that he will make self-employment illegal.
  • Made small business/self-employed people the victims of the lockdown.
  • Given pay rises to public servants while small business sinks.
  • Let government employees work, yet banned the self-employed from working.
  • Admitted his government has failed, causing the lockdown.
It’s the double standards and discrimination against ordinary people that must be stopped.

Local councils are a core political power base for Labor in Victoria. They need a powerful message. Your vote is your power.

Authorised by Ken Phillips on behalf of Self-Employed Australia PO Box 13103 Law Courts Vic 8010 Australia
Justine Stephens-Reicher commented on 07-Oct-2020 12:04 AM
The Andrews government has failed every aspect of this state. It has destroyed the social, health and economic community. I have voted Labour and Greens for 14 years. NEVER AGAIN. AS IN NEVER.
Anonymous commented on 08-Oct-2020 04:31 PM
He was honoured when elected 2014.... He’s lost my support!

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