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ICA's No Spam Policy

Statement for ICA subscribers and interested parties concerning ICA e-mail alerts

Subscribers will be aware that ICA regularly sends out news e-mail alerts to everyone on our database. We are only interested in sending e-mails to interested parties and do not want to annoy people who don't want the information. To this end, ICA has investigated where we sit in relation to government legislation regarding spam and provide the following information to subscribers.

What is spam?
According to Australian government guidelines, e-mails are only spam if they come from commercial organizations, solicit for commercial exchange and are sent to parties without their consent. ICA's activities do not fit within any of these categories. E-mails are not spam if they only contain factual information.

Independent Contractors of Australia:
  • Is not a commercial organisation.
  • Does not solicit for commercial exchange.
  • Considers that consent is implied by virtue of subscription.
  • Ensures that all e-mails sent contain factual information exclusively.
ICA complying with the spirit of anti-spam laws
Even though ICA's activities do not constitute spam, we have policies in place to ensure that people are not annoyed by our e-mails if they are unwanted.
  • All e-mails contain clear instructions about how to unsubscribe from our database.
  • All e-mails clearly indicate that the source is ICA.
  • Our unsubscribe facilities work well. We have back-up processes for unsubscribe requests if difficulties are encountered.
There is no reason for any person to receive e-mail news information from ICA if such information is unwanted. If you are having difficulty, have queries or questions, please contact us here for our assistance. We will deal with your request promptly.

Government Information
For more Australian government information about spam and how to protect yourself from it, please click here.

To all ICA subscribers: We trust our continuing information on independent contractor issues assists you in the conduct of your business activities.

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