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ICA Submissions

Over the years, ICA has articulated and defended the rights and interests of independent contractors through a range of submissions to parliamentary inquiries and committees, as well as to various statutory organisations. Those submissions are grouped here by broad category and then by date.


Trust is a Two-Way Street, A Submission to The Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee Inquiry into Nationhood, National identity and Democracy 2019 [September 2019]

The Gig Economy

Letter in response to Victorian Premier's Department re Gig Economy Report [October 2020]

SEA Analysis of Victorian Government's Gig Economy Report [July 2020] 

Gig and platform economy, 2015-2019 [statistical data]

In Search of Unicorns, Self-Employed Australia submission to the 2019 Inquiry into the Victorian On-Demand Workforce 2019

Taxation/ATO Reform

Submission to Senate Economics Legislation Committee on Treasury Laws Amendment (2019 Tax Integrity and Other Measures No. 1) Bill 2019 (includes follow-up letter to members of the Senate Committee) [August 2019]

Submission to Treasury on Australian Business Numbers [November 2018]

Submission to Treasury on Director Identification Numbers [October 2018]

Submission to House Tax and Revenue Committee [October 2018]

Reforming the ATO: The Power to Audit is the Power to Destroy [April 2018]

Submission to the Draft Treasury Laws Amendment (Tax 3 Transparency) Bill 2018: Transparency of taxation debts 9 February 2018

ICA Submission to Parliamentary Tax Office Review of ATO Scrutiny [March 2016]

ICA Submission to Inspector-General of Taxation
[December 2015]

ICA Submission to Board of Taxation Review

Franchising/Vulnerable workers

Analysis of Vulnerable Workers Bill: Why the Bill should be passed in the Senate substantially unchanged [May 2017]

Submission to the Senate Committee on the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 [April 2017]

Briefing paper: The 7-Eleven (and more) saga and why new laws to protect franchisee workers should be passed by Federal Parliament [March 2017]

Competition Policy

Submission: Misuse of market power—the effects test [2016]

Submission to the Federal Government's Competition Policy Review [2014]


ICA Submission on Transparency Measures for Superannuation [January 2016]

'Insecure' Work

The Victorian Labour Hire Licensing Bill 2017: Why it needs to be rejected [February 2018] (Summary to same is here)

ICA Submission to the Victorian Inquiry into Labour Hire and Insecure Work [November 2015]

Unfair Contracts

Submission to the Treasury Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) on Enhancements to Unfair Contract Term Protections [2020]

Submission to Senate Economics Legislation Committee on Unfair Contract Term Protections to Small Businesses [2015]

Submission to Federal Treasury’s Consultation Paper – Extending Unfair Contract Term Protections to Small Businesses [2015]

Small Business Commissioners/Dispute Settlement/Prompt Payment

Major Commentary: Does the Business Council of Australia’s Supplier Payment Code actually commit big businesses to pay small businesses on time? [June 2017]

Submission to Senate Inquiry Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman Bill [2015]

ICA submission to Federal Inquiry into Small Business

Submission to the Review of the powers and role of the Victorian Small Business Commissioner

ICA Submission on Proposed powers of the New South Wales Small Business Commissioner [2012]

Resolution of Small Business Disputes – Submission to Options Paper

Construction Sector

Submission to the Inquiry into the provisions of the Building and Construction Industry (Improving Productivity) Amendment Bill 2017 [February 2017]

ICA Submission to the Heydon Royal Commission [October 2015]

ICA's Submission to the Productivity Commission Inquiry into Public Infrastructure: Provision, Funding, Financing and Costs [2014]

“It’s a long way to fall, mate!” – Submission to the Victorian CCCU Inquiry: Compliance with the law in the Victorian construction industry [2012

Workers' Compensation

Submission to New South Wales Workers' Compensation Scheme Inquiry [2012]

Submission to NSW Review of Workers' Compensation: Definition of a Worker [2005]

Occupational Health and Safety

ICA Submission to the Western Australia Work Health and Safety Bill 2014 [2015]

Submission to the National Review into Model Occupational Health and Safety Laws – Response to the Issues Paper May 2008 [2008]

ICA Submission to Victorian OH&S Inquiry [2003]

Independent Contractors Act

Submission to Senate Inquiry: Independent Contractors Bill [2006]

ICA's Response to Questions contained in DEWR discussion paper 'Proposals for Legislative Reforms in Independent Contracting and Labour Hire Arrangements [2005]

Submission to Standing Committee on Employment, Workplace Relations and Workforce Participation: Inquiry into Independent contractors and labour hire arrangements [2005]


Submission to Review of Victorian laws governing owner-drivers and forestry contractors [January 2017]

ICA Objection to ACCC re TWU-Toll Collective Bargaining [November 2015]

Submission to the House Committee inquiry into the Road Safety Remuneration Bills [2011]

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