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Current Campaigns

We are dogged in our campaigning. We focus and stick to our objectives for a long time. For example, it took us eight years to achieve the implementation of the unfair contract laws. (See here for a list of our successful campaigns in the past.)

Below is the list of our current major campaigns. All require major change. All will take determination to achieve. But we are focused and damn persistent.

1. Require the ATO to act with fairness and justice

We are highly critical of the ATO’s unjust and unfair practices against self-employed, small business people. The incredible true story of Rod Douglass is just one example.

However, there are several other ‘live’ cases we are working on. External discipline must be brought to bear upon the ATO to require them to comply fully with the law, their own procedural requirements and common sense in dealing with self-employed people.

1a. Tax tribunal. For this reason we have started a campaign for a Small Business Tax Tribunal that will oversee the ATO's dealings with small business. 

1b. Australian Business Number Reform. Legislation is required to restrict the ATO’s uncontrolled power to deny/remove people’s ABNs. Proper information and appeals processes are required. We see this as being tied to the Independent Tribunal.

1c. Repeal ATO’s ‘decision tool’. The ATO's ‘decision tool’ is deeply flawed and abused by the ATO to mislead and ‘set up’ people. The tool should be abolished.

2. Unfair contract enforcement

We’re delighted with the efforts of the ACCC to enforce the unfair contract laws and are highly supportive. We are continuing this support, particularly with our now making available our unfair contract assistance through our Protected Membership

3. Require Government to comply with unfair contract laws

With all the success developing over the unfair contract laws, it’s a staggering to find that government is excluded from being required to comply with the laws. We say, ‘if the government requires the private sector to behave properly, then the same standards should apply to government.’

****We’re conducting a long-term campaign for legislation to require government to comply with the unfair contract laws.

4. On time/Prompt payments

There have been moves to require big businesses to pay small business suppliers promptly and on time. However, the only outcome so far is that the Business Council of Australia has devised a ‘voluntary code.’ We consider the code to be a ‘con’ and here’s why.

We believe a compulsory code should be introduced and are pushing for that.

5. Owner Drivers Justice

Owner drivers have been abused in the past.

We’re working on a class action to achieve compensation.

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