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Small Business Tax Tribunal

The Small Business Tax Tribunal (SBTT) is a hugely important step forward for self-employed small business people in their dealings with the Australian Taxation Office. The Tribunal brings a measure of fairness and justice to dealing with the ATO in a genuine low-cost situation.

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Key features of the Small Business Tax Tribunal

1. Tax concierge service through the Small Business Ombudsman.

2. 10 tax clinics through Universities to assist small business people.

3. A dedicated Small Business Tax Tribunal  operating within the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The SBTT will:
  • Be totally separate from ATO.
  • Generally NOT involve lawyers.
  • Appoint a case manager to support the taxpayer.
  • Make decisions within 28 days of a hearing.
  • Require a payment of $500 from the taxpayer for each appeal.
  • ABN cancellations will be appealable to the SBTT.
  • If the ATO uses external lawyers, the ATO must pay for the self-employed person to have ‘equivalent legal representation’.
Here are:

How the Tribunal became a reality after we launched our campaign

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