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Big Business – Big Lies – They’re at it again – Pay On Time laws

Wednesday, September 02, 2020

The MOST IMPORTANT issue for self-employed, small business people is being paid on time. This is particularly vital for recovery from the Covid-19 recession.

The Morrison Government made a commitment to action on this at the last election—that is, to push large businesses to pay small business people ‘on time’. The government's three commitments are:

  1. Federal government to pay small business within 20 days. This has been implemented.
  2. Require large businesses to report their payment times. The Bill for this is now before the Senate. It’s been a damn long journey for heaven’s sake!!
  3. Large business to pay small businesses on time or be denied government contracts. This is to be done in 2021.
The Bill to establish the reporting process is being debated in the Senate now. The ALP has an amendment—called failsafe—that if the three actions listed above do not result in better payment times over the next few years, then compulsory pay-on-time laws will be forced on big business.

But there’s a ‘spin’ doing the rounds of Parliament House in Canberra generated by big business lobbyists. They reckon that if proper payment times are forced on big business, they will stop using small business. What a load of horse dooo!

What they are saying is that if big businesses can’t screw over small businesses, they won’t use small businesses. Fabulous! Good!!! The fact is, however, that big businesses need small business for lots of supplies and services. If payment times are mandated/forced on big business, this will make for a much healthier economy and business environment. And we’d much prefer to see big businesses that screw small business out of business. Let’s have ethical business. That’s the Australia that we look for!

We’ve stated in our submissions to the Senate that we would support mandating/forcing pay on time if the three-phase program above doesn’t produce the required outcomes. We support the current approach. But we want to see the Morrison government move hard and fast in 2021 on part 3 (pay on time or no government work).

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