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Coalition small business con faces 7-Eleven backfire!

Friday, September 11, 2015

The Abbott government has dug itself into another self-damaging hole. This time it’s over the sly con they are conducting against Australia’s small business people by sliding up to big business interests. We exposed this several weeks ago.

But now the underpayment of 7-Eleven employees is being blamed on unfair franchisor contracts. And it’s been the franchisors who’ve been blocking the unfair contract laws. The Abbott government’s deal with the franchisors to con and screw over small business people is backfiring in a spectacular way.

Robert Gottliebsen says the scandal is big enough to cost the government the next election.
“All the Coalition members who have seriously studied the legislation know they have broken a promise and deserve to be punished by voters. But they are only now realising that in the 2016 election campaign they will get caught up the in the 7-Eleven affair.”
It’s all to do with the now-broken Abbott promise to have unfair contract protections for small business people. The sneaky $100,000 limit clause the government has inserted into the Bill neuters the protections.

We’re hoping the Senate will remove the $100,000 limit or block the Bill. Here’s our submission and our evidence to the Senate hearing last week.

ICA Chairman, Norman Lacy, said in the hearing:
“…we support strongly and have for many years the concept of this legislation. We support what it seeks to do in codifying the outcomes of the contract law … and the 13 principles it would codify and incorporate into law. … but we cannot support this bill in its current form.

We regard the $100,000 exclusion as being sufficient to neuter the affect of the bill. The bill would be avoidable by large organisations … and it would be unfair in that it would be possible for high-income contractors to experience the benefits of the legislation and low-income contractors to not experience the benefits of the legislation.... If the exclusion clause were removed, we would wholeheartedly support the bill." 
This is a fundamental battle over economic reform with big business (backed by the Abbott government) wanting to maintain unfairness against small business people. This damages both the economy and the 5.3 million Australians who work in small businesses.

The Abbott government is engaging in the worst of political double-dealing against the interests of Australians.


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