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Major radio media campaign starts. Victorian OHS Quarantine Prosecution

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

We’ve had fantastic support from lots of people in our campaign to push Victoria’s WorkSafe to investigate/prosecute the Victorian government over the failed 2020 Covid quarantine program. Remember, no-one should be above the law. 801 deaths cannot be ignored.

As a key part of that campaign, tomorrow, Wednesday 21 April, we launch a serious media campaign to push WorkSafe to do their job.

Tomorrow we begin a three-week breakfast radio advertising campaign on Melbourne’s top talk-back radio station, 3AW.

Here’s the 30-second advert:

To update you on the situation with WorkSafe:
  • They had to get back to us by end of March. They have replied ‘we’re still investigating!’
  • Now the deadline is end of June. By then they must formally inform us in detail whether WorkSafe is prosecuting on each of the 142 breaches we have alleged.
Full updates on the facts, events and WorkSafe correspondence is here.

We must maximise the public pressure on WorkSafe to do their job and do it properly. We have plans for considerable ongoing major media activity. If you’d like to help, you can contribute $s here. If you have already contributed, our thanks.

Recently, respected TV journalist George Donikian interviewed Ken Phillips on who we (Self-Employed Australia) are and why we are running the OHS prosecution campaign. Here’s the interview:

We’ve also produced a four-minute video on why Covid was not unprecedented. The Victorian government will try, we believe, to claim ‘unprecedented’ as a defence. But the facts and evidence is that Covid was fully expected and predicted. Watch the video here:

Soon we’ll do another of our Zoom updates. We’ll let you know when.

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