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‘Stop Dan’ say Victorians—It’s War!—The People vs Dan—More action needed

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Just three days ago (Monday, 24 August), Victorian Premier Dan Andrews virtually declared ‘war’ against the people of Victoria. His attempt to push through a twelve-month extension to the state of emergency was that declaration of war.

The Premier’s push would remove democratic, parliamentary oversight of the government’s extreme control of Victorians’ lives for twelve months. Essentially, this would create a form of dictatorship in Victoria.

And Premier Dan looked like he’d win.

On Monday, the Premier seemed to have the numbers in the Victorian Upper House to push the twelve-month state of emergency through. Andrews’ Labor has 17 MPs in the 40-member Upper House. He needs four of the 12 independents (crossbenchers) to secure legislation.

But on Tuesday we witnessed a never-before-seen Victorian political earthquake! Earthquake is an accurate description. Our ‘on the ground’ spies report that the electorate offices of all state (and even federal) MPs were ‘crashed’ by angry Victorians ringing and emailing. The demand was to STOP DAN.

We’re told that many people were crying, some reporting suicides of loved ones, and small businesspeople deeply in debt about to go under. People threatening suicide!! Victorians are beyond breaking point.

The pro-Labor crossbench MPs have been shocked by, and scared of, the political reaction against them. By Tuesday night Dan’s plans had collapsed—at least for now! All 12 crossbench MPs withdrew their support for the twelve-month extension. But beware, people!!!

Premier Andrews always gets what he wants, it seems. He’s ‘negotiating’ with the crossbenchers for a 3–6 months’ extension. Current indications are that he’ll get it. This is wrong and just as dangerous as a twelve-month extension.

If the Parliament is to give Premier Dan an extension, it should only be in four-week blocks. That is, an extension for four weeks, then back to Parliament if he wants another extension. This would restore parliamentary democracy to Victoria.

It’s urgent that the pressure remains on the Upper House MPs. If you believe that Premier Dan needs to be made to behave, it’s critical that you contact the MPs we believe may give Premier Dan what he wants. Here’s the list:

Sam Higgins


9981 9501


Jeff Bourman


5623 2999


Fiona Patten


9386 4400


Anyd Meddick

Animal Justice

5222 1941


Stuart Grimley

Hinch Justice

5218 5001


Tania Maxwell

Hinch Justice

4700 1878


Clifford Hayes


9530 8399


Rodney Barton


9850 8600


Catherine Cumming


9689 6373


Democracy is very much at stake! The vote in the Upper House is listed for next week (around Tuesday, 1 September). That gives just five days to get the STOP DAN message to MPs.

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