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Update Coronavirus Support Package; JobKeeper, etc

Friday, April 03, 2020

Yesterday I gave a webinar presentation for the Australian Association for Virtual Industry Professionals on the support package available for self-employed people, including sole traders, if you’re employing others and so on.

Here I am chatting away. You can access the webinar here.

We had a really good range of questions such as:
“I started as a Sole Trader 01/03/19, so while my income has decreased it’s still higher in March 20 than March 19. Do I compare March 19 to March 20?
All the questions were practical and spot on. I tried to answer them as accurately as possible given the information available.

My presentation and response to questions was structured around information we’ve published on our website here. So, if you want to watch the webinar, you’ll need to access this link as well, otherwise you’ll get a bit ‘lost’ in the discussion.

JobKeeper: There were a lot of questions about applying for JobKeeper such as the one above. Be aware that the legislation for this has not yet been created. There are many unanswered questions that need resolution under industrial relations law and so on. Parliament is now sitting next Wednesday 8 April we understand. We’d expect the legislation will answer these questions. At this stage we think it’s best to register your interest with the ATO (see links at the bottom of items 2 and 3b)

We’ll keep you updated when additional information is available.

Keep safe. Keep healthy. Keep happy.

Annie commented on 03-Apr-2020 05:03 PM
Hi, thanks for this clarity! I have two contractors working with me. One returned from mat leave this time last year, so she is unable to show a loss. The year before that, she was heavily pregnant and so limited in her capacity then, too. But prior to that, and since last April when she got up to full speed,
, her business has been flat out. So will she qualify?
Another has just started his business this time last year. What about him?
Ken Phillips commented on 04-Apr-2020 12:48 PM
The details on JobSeeker are still being sorted. Parliament is sitting this Wednesday we believe and will put through the JobSeeker legislation. We'll then have more clarity on the sort of questions you're asking. We'll update our website after that.

We'd suggest you register with the ATO and wait for the update.
Keep well
Ken (SEA)

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