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Updates: Spotlight on transparency; insecure work, yet again

Thursday, December 10, 2015

This week, in Business Spectator, ICA Executive Director Ken Phillips wrote about a ‘mystery’ box that arrived in the post for him some years ago. It contained the true financial records of a major trade union. The records differed from the union’s publicly declared accounts. The point of Ken's article is that full transparency and disclosure should be imposed on the big superannuation funds or we could see corruption scandals in superannuation similar to those we are seeing with unions.

ICA has also put in a submission to the Victorian Inquiry into Labour Hire and Insecure Work. We make the point that ‘secure’ work (ie) full-time employment, is not secure. Such ‘security’ is a myth, a sham, a con, an academic ‘pretend’ that doesn’t match reality. In fact, self-employment is often more ‘secure’ because ‘we’ are always looking for the next job. Nimbleness gives us ‘security.’

Nonetheless, self-employed people seem to be under constant attack from bureaucracies and others who think we are evil. In the UK, The Guardian says that red tape is holding back self-employment. That’s even with the big self-employment jobs surge in the UK that’s been recognized as far away as China.

Perhaps that’s why ICA has sometimes been approached to start or join a small business political party—because of the naysayers and the bureaucratic zealots. However, that’s not our focus. But it’s happening in India where such parties have been breaking apart the political establishment!


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