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We seek investigation of union involvement in hotel quarantine breaches

Monday, September 28, 2020

This morning we released our analysis that explains ‘nothing’—that is, why all senior Victorian government people say they ‘know nothing’ about who made the decision to use security firms for the hotel quarantine program. Yet evidence from the Coate Inquiry points directly to Victorian Trades Hall Council (VTHC) unions as the probable decision-maker/s.

Given the government’s ‘know nothing’ excuses, the possibility that unions made the decision is the most plausible explanation ‘left on the table’. Evidence submitted to the Inquiry points directly to VTHC.

We have now written to the Coate Inquiry asking and submitting that the Inquiry investigate the involvement of the Victorian Trades Hall Council and associated union officers.

We say in our submission that
“… without the further inquiries as requested the Inquiry is unlikely to uncover the truth … (and) ….consequently why the quarantine program failed resulting in the Covid-19 breakout across Victoria and some 765 deaths to date.”
Our submission to the Inquiry is here.

The evidence of THC involvement is here.

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