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Self-employed Updates

Below is a list of news and updates about self-employment, freelancing, entrepreneurship and independent contracting from around the world. Updated regularly.

17 March: Coronavirus highlights lack of safety net for gig workers (USA)

17 March: Biden endorses California’s job-killing AB 5 law, which slashed freelance work

17 March: Freelancing in a market downturn—how to keep the gigs you have and continue to land new projects (USA)

17 March: Budget 2020: Sunak’s 20 self-employed nods hardly lift freelancer ‘gloom’ (UK)

17 March: Five million self-employed workers ‘could be forced into debt or having to work while ill’ (UK)

17 March: Urgent calls from MPs for five million self-employed workers to be given equal sick pay rights (UK)

10 March: What is IR35 and off-payroll and how do they affect my business? (UK)

10 March: Joe Biden’s tweet supporting AB5 causes visceral reaction from his would-be supporters (USA)

10 March: UberBlack drivers’ classification case revived by 3rd Circuit (USA)

10 March: Uber driver reclassified as employee in France

10 March: Freelancing provides livelihood opportunities in remote areas (The Philippines)

10 March: Freelancers closing the gender gap in Asia-Pacific region

3 March: Will California’s AB5 law gag your gig retirement?

3 March: West Virginia Senate approves independent contractor bill by one vote (USA)

3 March: Five considerations for older professionals entering freelance work

3 March: Lawyers join the freelance revolution

3 March: Freelancers call for revised DBA law to recognise entrepreneurship (The Netherlands)

3 March: Coronavirus UK: unions warn over lack of sick pay for gig economy workers

25 February: Freelancer confidence ‘fallen off a cliff’ over IR35 tax changes (UK)

25 February: The threat to independent contracting: AB 5 (California)

25 February: Mr. AB-5 goes to Washington - and brings a lot of baggage!

25 February: Move to freelancing improves quality of life (UK)

25 February: Freelancers unite with petition to protect rights of independent workers (USA)

25 February: Franchising at fifty: why the over fifties are the new generation of franchisees (UK)

18 February: How employers and independent contractors remain independent under CA AB5 (California)

18 February: The spectrum case against AB5

18 February: Third of freelancers plan to stop contracting in UK due to IR35

18 February: This year’s fastest-growing freelance industries (USA)

18 February: The Guardian view on full employment: fiction not fact (UK)

18 February: You know who can tackle India’s unemployment problem? Female entrepreneurs

11 February: Pro-union measure passes US House

11 February: Instacart defeats emergency independent contractor reclassification attempt in San Diego

11 February: Creative freelancers' Brexit fears seem to ease, as the transition period begins (UK)

11 February: Charted: India’s growing gig workforce is young, gender skewed, and underpaid

11 February: The company bringing scientists into the gig economy

11 February: IR35 self-employed tax may be this Government’s first disaster (UK)

4 February: State Senator backs Constitutional amendment to protect gig economy (California)

4 February: The gig economy and Florida’s workforce system

4 February: More Singapore residents working as freelancers

4 February: Six liquid workforce trends employers will see in 2020

4 February: Lawyers and doctors protest in Paris as pensions row deepens

4 February: Rise in self-employed boosts numbers filing UK tax returns

28 January: New Jersey cracks down on independent contractor misclassification

28 January: Disastrous law aimed at protecting employees instead causes job losses (California)

28 January: California Republican pushes journalist carve-out in gig worker law

28 January: Gearing up for the gig economy

28 January: ‘Not fit for purpose’: tax glitch putting pensions of self-employed at risk (UK)

28 January: The government has declared war on the self-employed (The Netherlands)

21 January: Gig economy bills move forward in other blue states, after California clears the way

21 January: California’s AB5 leaves women business owners reeling

21 January: Federal Court leaves TRO in place staying the enforcement of AB 5 against motor carriers (California)

21 January: Freelancing’s hardest part? That’s not as easy, say self-employed creatives (UK)

21 January: IR35: Is this the end of the road for the freelance? (UK)

21 January: Belgium brings court case against Deliveroo

14 January: Gig law doesn’t apply to independent truck drivers, California judge rules

14 January: The gig economy is coming for your job (USA)

14 January: Academic freelancing growth ‘could damage researcher development’ (UK)

14 January: Freelancing’s best part? The self-employed are unanimous (UK)

14 January: Will online platforms like Uber Works slay business schools? (USA)

14 January: Government announces review into IR35 (UK)

7 January: Federal Court issues eleventh-hour TRO to enjoin enforcement of California’s controversial new independent contractor law

7 January: California’s new Uber law just put hundreds of freelance writers out of work

7 January: 3 ways to utilize gig economy freelancers to transform your business

7 January: 6 out of 10 freelancers often feel lonely due to their work (UK)

7 January: The world’s growing freelance jobs economy

7 January: Self-employment rising in civil engineering sector

31 December: The Guardian view on the gig economy: stop making burnout a lifestyle (UK)

31 December: Truckers, freelance writers file lawsuits vs. contractor bill (California)

31 December: From company bikes to paternal leave: what is changing in 2020 (The Netherlands)

31 December: New laws for the New Year (California)

31 December: 2020 vision in the UK—A look at the year ahead

31 December: Caddies caught up in ramifications of new state law (California)

24 December: California union bill puts workers out of work at Christmas

24 December: Older gig workers left hanging without benefits (USA)

24 December: German court bans Uber's ride-hailing services in Germany

24 December: Journalism groups sue state over AB 5 freelance restrictions (California)

24 December: Why the gig economy is in danger (USA)

24 December: Self-employed Azerbaijani listed among ILO's success stories (Azerbaijan)

17 December: Independent contractor claims proliferate (USA)

17 December: Truckers and industry experts contest California's Assembly Bill 5

17 December: How African countries rank in the global online freelance workforce

17 December: California’s new employment law has boomeranged and is starting to crush freelancers

17 December: Head to Estonia should you wish to earn more than men as a self-employed woman

17 December: Construction sector building towards a 'pensions time bomb' (Ireland)

10 December: What to do about the gig economy

10 December: Trucking group’s attorney says he’s prepared to take anti-owner-operator laws all the way to Supreme Court (California)

10 December: Freelancers’ confidence is the lowest on record, but they have “kicked into overdrive” to prepare for IR35 and Brexit (UK)

10 December: Economist outlines skills sought in freelance workers

10 December: What does the election mean for IR35 and the self-employed? (UK)

10 December: Research highlights health concerns among self-employed (UK)

3 December: How is the fourth industrial revolution changing our economy?

3 December: Government to improve contractor rights, seeks ideas from public (New Zealand)

3 December: Three ways the freelance economy could impact businesses in 2020

3 December: The gig economy is larger than a niche (and how fintechs should look for their niche within it)

3 December: Freelancers’ confidence is the lowest on record, but they have 'kicked into overdrive' to prepare for IR35 and Brexit (UK)

3 December: The gig economy needs a creative touch to regulation, not a knee-jerk ban (UK)

26 November: Independent contractor bill example of law of unintended consequences (USA)

26 November: Women in the gig economy: paid work, care and flexibility in Kenya and South Africa

26 November: Truckers seek to toss California’s new gig economy law

26 November: In an attempt to improve the gig economy, lawmakers may ruin my career, freelancer says (USA)

26 November: Are the self-employed at greater risk of automation, and what can we do about it?

26 November: Freelancers should be paid higher minimum wage, says think tank (UK)

19 November: California trucking association challenges new state labor law

19 November: Ontario Court of Appeal clarifies dependent contractor status

19 November: Freelancing jobs most in demand from employers (USA)

19 November: Changing workforce requires portable health insurance (USA)

19 November: Why self-employed women aren't all pension-prepared (UK)

19 November: Proposed law would protect independent contractors from employment discrimination and wage theft (USA)

12 November: The Uber/Lyft ballot initiative guarantees only $5.64 an hour (California)

12 November: Unpacking pay standards: a response to the UC Berkeley Labor Center (California)

12 November: Landstar moves to restructure Californian operations in wake of IC law

12 November: The pros and cons of accepting crypto payments as a freelancer

12 November: Freelancing in 2020? Get ready to navigate Brexit and IR35 reform (UK)

12 November: Any promises to extend rights of self-employed might win an election, hint British freelancer orgs

5 November: Paid leave might reduce wages: But does that matter? (USA)

5 November: This is the gig worker ballot initiative Uber, Lyft, DoorDash and Instacart are backing (California)

5 November: Gig economy could go extinct in California

5 November: Over fifties are driving the rise of self employment (UK)

5 November: Freelancing spreads to suburbia, rural America

5 November: Employment law in a tangle over self-employed in the gig economy (Ireland)

29 October: How to fight California’s new nanny state law banning freelance work

29 October: How Joe Biden would strengthen unions (USA)

29 October: Why California’s AB-5 is a threat to the American way of life

29 October: Paris is best city to be a freelancer - survey

29 October: The gender pay gap for these freelancers is less than you’d expect (USA)

29 October: Bogus self-employment could be costing the state €1 billion per year (Ireland)

22 October: California limits use of independent contractors

22 October: US Congress debates federal independent contractor model

22 October: Women going freelance face bigger gender pay gap

22 October: The realities of freelancing for Americans over 50

22 October: EU allocates 200,000 Euros for people with disabilities’ self-employment (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

22 October: Queen’s speech: IPSE welcomes measures to secure the future of the self-employed (UK)

15 October: New York said to become next battleground for gig worker law

15 October: When ABC Is Not As Easy As 1-2-3 (California)

15 October: The freelance revolution is rising in Dubai

15 October: Dealing with mental health in freelance work (UK)

15 October: Small businesses and self-employed provide most jobs worldwide

15 October: Small Matters: Global evidence on the contribution to employment by the self-employed, micro-enterprises and SME's [ILO Report]

15 October: Self-employed gender pay gap in each country

8 October: California’s contract worker law could add health coverage for some but put others at risk

8 October: Update on California Assembly Bill 5

8 October: Full-time freelancing lures more Americans

8 October: Freelancing in America 2019 Report [Infographic]

8 October: How artificial intelligence will impact self-employment

8 October: Cambodia lifts ban on foreigners running 10 types of small businesses

1 October: ABCs of AB5, independent contractor law (California)

1 October: California statute offers dramatic change to independent contractor, franchise-franchisee relationships

1 October: Science freelancing platform Kolabtree surpasses 10,000 members

1 October: Southeast Asia's rising freelance economy

1 October: Korea’s self-employment rate at 25%, 5th highest in OECD category

1 October: Is becoming self-employed all it's cracked up to be? (UK)

24 September: California contractor ban could drive owner-operators out of the industry

24 September: California Governor signs law protecting gig economy workers

24 September: The music biz will split from California if the new ‘gig law’ sticks, warn artist and label groups

24 September: Third of New York City workers freelance, according to new study

24 September: The British economy creates lots of jobs – not lots of pay rises

24 September: UK HMRC wins IR35 tribunal against BBC presenters

17 September: Pending major worker reclassification law aims to burst California’s “gig economy” bubble

17 September: California's new law is not only very bad news for Uber, it's a very bad idea

17 September: California to eliminate independent work

17 September: Maybe we’re not all going to be gig economy workers after all (USA)

17 September: Surgeons are joining the freelance revolution (USA)

17 September: UK freelancer earnings stagnate in second quarter—survey

10 September: UK tax changes shift worker classification burden to clients

10 September: California legislature attempting to unionize ride-share companies

10 September: Labour inspector fights for Pizza Hut drivers in contracting case (New Zealand)

10 September: Is the job dead? What lies ahead for us in the future of work?

10 September: What does South Africa's freelancer landscape look like? (Infographic)

10 September: StatsCan releases profile of self-employed Canadians (Infographic +)

3 September: Exempt health care professionals from AB 5 (California)

3 September: A bill giving workplace protection to a million Californians moves one step closer to law

3 September: California ride-share gig companies facing takeover by labor unions

3 September: Protecting the interests of freelancers (Japan)

3 September: Self-employed individuals struggle to secure mortgages (New Zealand)

3 September: Five essential apps for freelancers and self-employed people (UK)

27 August: The future of employment – 30 telling gig economy statistics (USA)

27 August: Over 3 million freelancers in Japan amid rise of flexible working styles

27 August: Will Assembly Bill 5 destroy the gig economy? (California)

27 August: Gen X is preferred over millennials as freelancers, says survey (India)

27 August: Pakistan ranks 4th among world's fastest growing freelance markets

27 August: HMRC targets GSK contractors in UK tax crackdown

27 August: Spanish justice rules against Deliveroo: 'riders are not self-employed'

20 August: Contract organisations call on government to stop IR35 and Loan Charge (UK)

20 August: Some fear Bill regulating “side hustles” would hurt city’s African-American community (USA)

20 August: The top 10 fastest growing freelance markets in the world

20 August: The invisible side of freelancing (Bangladesh)

20 August: Deliveroo seeks changes to laws covering self-employed workers (Ireland)

20 August: Freshbooks third annual self-employment in America report (Infographic)

13 August: Independent contractor misclassification and compliance news update (USA)

13 August: Uber and Lyft: dependence on contractors puts rideshare industry's future in doubt (USA)

13 August: The new trend that helps freelancers in France save money and make friends

13 August: Boris Johnson warned of Brexit’s impact on creative industry freelancing (UK)

13 August: Flexible work style — can it be sustainable? (Japan)

13 August: 80% of rural entrepreneurs say they are better off than urban counterparts (USA)

6 August: Highest Court in Canada says substance, not form, will determine independent contractor or employee status

6 August: IR35 reforms: Contractor poll highlights lack of faith in new UK government

6 August: Uber and Lyft hate this bill (California)

6 August: Scientists are a new force in the freelance revolution

6 August: The number of gig workers is going to skyrocket by 2020: Deloitte (USA)

6 August: Self-employment program to cover 10,000 families (Azerbaijan)

30 July: How gig economy gives a mental health boost to workers – new research

30 July: New Jersey report forecasts aggressive enforcement action on independent contractor misclassification

30 July: The California legislature’s ‘crazy quilt’ approach to independent contracting

30 July: Sajid Javid cheered as chancellor having backed small firms, tax reform and IR35 repeal (UK)

30 July: 5 key findings from the new Freelance Economic Impact Report 2019 (USA)

30 July: An insider’s secrets to freelance success in Prague and the Czech Republic

23 July: How drivers can beat Uber at its own game (USA)

23 July: 3 benefits of freelancing and the pitfalls to look out for (USA)

23 July: The growing freelance economy and the problems ahead (UK)

23 July: The 4th industrial revolution means opportunity for freelancers

23 July: Speed and the self-employed (Ireland)

23 July: The ‘genuinely self-employed’ need not fear IR35 changes (UK)

16 July: New Jersey getting tougher on independent contractor misclassification

16 July: Assembly Bill 5: a threat to SoCal's gig economy? (California)

16 July: Off-Payroll draft legislation published: Government dismisses consultation concerns (UK)

16 July: Freelancers incubator in Bulgaria launches powerful learning platform for independent workers around the world

16 July: 50 noteworthy freelance statistics in 2019 (USA) (includes infographics)

16 July: Rogue bosses pretending they're self-employed face €25,000 fine (Ireland)

9 July: California debates law requiring 2 million independent contractors to become employees

9 July: California's politically powerful unions aim to crush sharing economy

9 July: Brexit and new freelance tax regime double blow for UK freelancers

9 July: Let’s make it easier for gig economy workers to buy homes (USA)

9 July: Why gig economy is making stronger inroads into Asia Pacific

9 July: Fines for late self-assessment tax payments rise sharply (UK)

2 July: From strip clubs to strip malls, how 2 million workers could be swept up in a bill aimed at the gig economy (California)

2 July: Sacramento’s independent contractor bill carves out exemptions (California)

2 July: Don’t suffocate the gig economy with century-old work rules (USA)

2 July: How Gallup data explains the vitality of the freelance revolution (USA)

2 July: Dutch government plans to set a freelance minimum rate of €16 per hour

2 July: Government to go ahead with plans for self-employed to access jobseeker's payments (Ireland)

25 June: Are more independent contractors a good thing for the economy? (USA)

25 June: The plus side of being self-employed (Ireland)

25 June: A freelancing boom is reshaping Bangladesh and its economy

25 June: Morocco joins the freelance revolution

25 June: Dutch people have the least lust for freelancing

25 June: Financing of self-employment program increases (Azerbaijan)

18 June: IR35: summary of responses to Off-Payroll private sector consultation (UK)

18 June: Fourth Circuit upholds $61 million judgment against Dish network (USA)

18 June: Sky music judge and songwriter named Freelancer of the Year (UK)

18 June: Self-employed are happier, healthier than employees (UK)

18 June: Self-employed bailiffs bemoan lack of job security (UK)

18 June: What if we extend employee benefits to all workers? (USA)

11 June: NLRB counsel holds Uber drivers are independent contractors (USA)

11 June: New employment regulations could destroy California's gig economy

11 June: Freelancers face a looming tax nightmare (UK)

11 June: How 'flexing it' is transforming management consulting in India

11 June: Is the job dead? (USA)

11 June: PM Oli inaugurates Prime Minister Self-employment Programme (Nepal)

4 June: Assembly passes bill limiting independent contractor status in most industries (California)

4 June: Workers, employers react to ‘Dynamex’ bill amendments (California)

4 June: The economy is strong, so why do over 46% of Americans have to do this to make ends meet?

4 June: Admin tasks costing UK freelancers more than £28bn a year

4 June: Self-employment can be good for your health

4 June: HR Ministry recommends expansion of SOCSO’s Self-Employment Scheme (Malaysia)

28 May: Don’t ‘reclassify’ contractors as employees (USA)

28 May: What will the new IR35 legislation mean for my business? (UK)

28 May: Freelancing and the Blockchain: Top platforms to earn money online

28 May: How to succeed as a freelancer (India)

28 May: Nine self-employed mortgage myths busted (UK)

28 May: Cuba’s self-employed demand legal advice and support

21 May: Eleven financial tips every freelancer should follow (USA)

21 May: The future of work: What does the shift to freelancing mean for UK businesses?

21 May: Why more companies should encourage their employees to freelance (USA)

21 May: Pinoy freelancers worry over job stability – survey (The Philippines)

21 May: The rise of the freelance economy in South Africa

21 May: Freelancers will have little savings when they retire (Malaysia)

14 May: Appeals Court reviews California contractor case

14 May: Is the gig economy the answer for older workers? (USA)

14 May: Female freelancers lead senior level revolution (UK)

14 May: 2019: The rise of the freelance economy (Africa)

14 May: 'Europe, we have a problem!'—8 facts about female entrepreneurs in the digital age

14 May: A changing world: The shifting gig economy in 2019

7 May: California independent contractor test applies retroactively

7 May: Is remote work illegal? (USA)

7 May: How to survive—and succeed—in the gig economy

7 May: What the next generation of freelancers will look like

7 May: Good news for the self-employed (Malaysia)

7 May: Bulgaria 19th in the European Union in self-employed people

30 April: The gig economy: disrupting the status quo (USA)

30 April: Dems want to kill independent contracting work in California

30 April: The top 10 reasons employees decide to freelance full time (USA)

30 April: 8 freelance jobs for the modern Muslim girl

30 April: Breaking the Faustian pact: What motivates professionals in a gig economy world?

30 April: Self-employed can claim the dole for the first time from November (Ireland)

23 April: Why can’t I just be a contractor? (USA)

23 April: Democrats trying to kill independent contracting work in California

23 April: New technology has sparked a freelance boom – here's what's coming next (USA)

23 April: Black millennials are more likely to have a second job than their peers (USA)

23 April: 'I feel refreshed': Brits embrace multiple careers (UK)

23 April: Does automation target women’s jobs?

16 April: Recent rulings not the end of fight over Dynamex decision (USA)

16 April: What makes gig economy the hottest trend in India

16 April: Fifteen-year-old beats poverty with web freelancing (Bangladesh)

16 April: British Columbia's ‘shadow economy’ growing more than twice as fast as Canada’s

16 April: Could a working conditions rating system protect gig economy workers? (UK)

16 April: Texas adopts rule to classify digital gig economy workers as independent contractors

9 April: MPs debate Loan Charge and Off-Payroll legislation (UK)

9 April: Google requiring temporary workers, contractors get health care coverage, parental leave (USA)

9 April: SAFREA releases 2018/2019 SA freelance trends report (South Africa)

9 April: Google just predicted the future of the gig economy

9 April: The self-employment conundrum (India)

9 April: No more "9 to 6" entrepreneurship among millennials

2 April: 'Uberized workers' ask the EU to set a minimum income to self-employed people

2 April: 5 major changes to self-employed tax coming in the 2019-20 tax year (UK)

2 April: Supreme Court turndown not the end of California independent contractor battle

2 April: Frank Field: “Rampant injustice” in the gig economy (UK)

2 April: 5 myths about freelancing

2 April: How solopreneurs can overcome loneliness and thrive

26 March: Pray for a good harvest, but keep at your plow (USA)

26 March: Crony carve-outs in California independent-contractor fight

26 March: Brexit and freelancers: the consequences on Europe's leading market

26 March: Aquino files bill on protection, incentives for freelance workers (The Philippines)

26 March: New proposals to clamp down on bogus self-employment practices (Ireland)

26 March: More women turn to self-employment as experts call freelancing a ‘feminist issue’ (UK)

19 March: Oregon strippers are engaged in a fierce battle over whether they should be contractors or employees

19 March: Some truckers got run over by the Republicans' tax law (USA)

19 March: Go ‘Gig’ or Go Home (USA)

19 March: ‘This could ruin us’: A class-action suit imperils California freelancers

19 March: High UK employment masks troubled economy

19 March: Jess Varnish lodges appeal against landmark employment case (UK)

12 March: New Fifth Circuit decision upholds independent contractor status (USA)

12 March: Bird Scooters ditches gig economy mechanics in favour of in-house repairs (USA)

12 March: The freelance revolution comes to Japan: an update

12 March: Consulting among top paid freelance roles in UK

12 March: Women turning to self-employment for better pay and working conditions (UK)

12 March: Business attacks plan to extend tax rules for self-employed (UK)

5 March: Contractor agreements not worth the paper they’re printed on (USA)

5 March: California misclassified independent contractors settle for employee status—is it the right choice?

5 March: How online platforms are jeapordising the ‘free’ in ‘freelancing’ (India)

5 March: Are high-design hotels the new coworking space?

5 March: National Gallery: NG27 group win workers' rights (UK)

5 March: Record jobs figures hide the true story of UK economy

26 February: Swift reportedly part of flight from owner-operator leasing in California

26 February: 3 ways to embrace the differences between freelancers and gig workers (USA)

26 February: It's way past time to get over these 3 stereotypes about freelance workers (USA)

26 February: HMRC loan charge: Self-employed fear 'financial ruin' (UK)

26 February: Cuba announces new modifications in self-employment

26 February: How Universal Credit is ‘failing’ self-employed people (UK)

19 February: Biz community decries bill to “kill” independent contracting (USA)

19 February: California Court of Appeal finds that in-home caregivers may be employees of placement agencies

19 February: Ontario Court of Appeal rules that arbitration clause is invalid, clearing the road for class action against Uber

19 February: The rise of greypreneurs: Freelancing after 50 (Infographic) (USA)

19 February: Nigeria: Empowering women via online platform for self-employment

19 February: Flexible and freelance contracts on the rise, despite shortage of workers (The Netherlands)

12 February: My ability as an independent contractor is at risk. the legislature can do something about it (USA)

12 February: NLRB says owner-operators are okay (USA)

12 February: The dos and don’ts of freelancing in the UAE

12 February: Freelance nation? The new American dream

12 February: Courier firm and union seal landmark ‘self-employed plus’ deal (UK)

12 February: IPSE: Hermes announcement ‘muddying the waters’ of employment status (UK)

5 February: NLRB reinstates prior test determining whether workers are independent contractors (USA)

5 February: Freelancers in Vietnam face chances and challenges

5 February: Freelancers hold generally positive attitudes towards gig economy (USA)

5 February: The digital future and human labor

5 February: Hermes couriers awarded union recognition in gig economy first (UK)

5 February: BBC paid £1m to top stars just days before licence fee hike sparks fury (UK)

29 January: Another reversal by the Trump Board! Traditional independent contractor test restored (USA)

29 January: How New York City supports freelancers: the 'freelancers hub' in Brooklyn (USA)

29 January: How to explain the freelance revolution to skeptics

29 January: Freelancers are being exploited by businesses that fail to pay their invoices (UK)

29 January: Croatian finance ministry announces tax changes for freelancers

29 January: Your delivery boy could be the local tailor or dance teacher (India)

22 January: Employer liability for workers: independent contractor vs employee (USA)

22 January: The real cure for economic insecurity (USA)

22 January: The new normal: freelancing, hustling and informal labor (USA)

22 January: Young professionals weigh flexibility against instability (China)

22 January: Rise in self-employment welcome, but government must take heed and give them the support they need (UK)

22 January: Self-employment - 2017: The National Statistics Office has just published Self-Employment 2017 (Malta)

15 January: French court rules against Uber in 'employment' contract case

15 January: Uber drivers ruled as workers, not self-employed -- again (UK)

15 January: Amendments of the Trade Unions Act (Poland)

15 January: How much do PGA Tour pro golfers pay their caddies?

15 January: Freelancing forges ahead in US: numbers up 7pc as younger workers boost work-life balance

15 January: Contracts can be a career: Finding a place in the gig economy (Singapore)

8 January: Will Cuba’s “self-employed” advance in 2019?

8 January: Third of self-employed had leapt at the chance to go it alone (Malta)

8 January: Reclassification of the contract between a delivery rider and a digital platform (France)

8 January: There are fewer gig jobs than you think. Economists walk back study that showed huge increase (USA)

8 January: Canada adds 9,300 jobs, gains are in part-time and among self-employed

8 January: More UAE companies turning to freelancers to fill skills gaps

1 January: For all the talk, millennials have done little to change the workplace (USA)

1 January: Freelancing might be bad for your health, a new study suggests

1 January: 5 predictions for the gig economy and freelancing in 2019 (USA)

1 January: The rise of poverty among EU workers since the financial crisis — in charts

1 January: How new worker protections will impact contractors (UK)

1 January: Azerbaijan eyes to expand scope of self-employment program

25 December: New front in the labor war between Uber and its drivers (USA)

25 December: Economic realities rather than corporate formalities govern independent contractor status (USA)

25 December: Uber loses appeal over driver employment rights (UK)

25 December: Freelancing alive and well in the Philippines

25 December: Popularity of freelancing has changed the 9-to-5 landscape (South Africa)

25 December: The self-employed pensions time-bomb (UK)

18 December: New small biz health plans come online January 1st: 5 things to know (USA)

18 December: Employees, independent consultants and tax puzzle (Kenya)

18 December: Here’s why the Philippines has the most freelancers in Southeast Asia

18 December: How to prepare for a recession as a freelancer (USA)

18 December: Uber welcomes, unions criticise UK plan to maintain flexible gig economy

18 December: More Maltese people encouraged into self employment – Eurostat

11 December: Freelancers, get ready for the coming recession (USA)

11 December: Three new freelancers in four happy to have taken the plunge (Belgium)

11 December: The freelance army: Why many Indians are choosing part-time over full-time (India)

11 December: Government policy pushes freelance sector into decline, IPSE report finds (UK)

11 December: New regulations for self-employment enter into force in Cuba

11 December: Private companies, self-employed households flourish in past 40 years (China)

4 December: There are two gig economies

4 December: This generation relies the most on freelancing as its sole source of income

4 December: 38% of freelancers regularly use cryptocurrency, survey reveals

4 December: Why older workers are more likely to freelance than millennials

4 December: Deliveroo riders are self-employed and do not have right to collective bargaining rules High Court judge in new blow to 'gig economy' workers (UK)

4 December: Cuba modifies some regulations unpopular with private sector

27 November: Contracting in the gig economy (Canada)

27 November: Embrace the flexibility in a freelancer’s working week

27 November: 3 strategies to equip your company for the freelance revolution (USA)

27 November: New self-employment law delayed, conflict with EU guidelines (The Netherlands)

27 November: Government mulls self employment of transgenders (India)

27 November: 71% of self-employed people still fear mortgage discrimination (UK)

20 November: To be an employee or not to be - that is once again the question (Canada)

20 November: How will the new California Governor impact the gig economy?

20 November: Pakistan needs to promote freelancing industry

20 November: Freelancers: unsung heroes of the US national income

20 November: More money, more family time: survey reveals why self-employment is so popular right now (Survey results: USA)

20 November: Court rules Addison Lee drivers are workers, not self-employed (UK)

13 November: Union delegates defer plan to represent independent contractors (Canada)

13 November: California trucking group sues state over contractor test

13 November: Why freelancing is the future of work

13 November: Gig workers and self-employed are 'under-protected' (UK)

13 November: The growing importance of the self-employed to the UK economy

13 November: Why the UK continues to be the place to start a micro business

6 November: Delay or not on IR35 reform, the damage will be done (UK)

6 November: California Trucking Association the latest to sue state over driver classification ruling

6 November: Golden age of contracting coming to an end? (UK)

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26 September: Uber rival’s drivers are ‘workers’, employment tribunal rules (UK)

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26 September: Why millenials are moving to Portugal in their droves

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5 September: UK freelancers buck employee pay squeeze by wide margin

29 August: Give contractors plenty of leeway, so it’s clear they are truly independent (US)

29 August: California Supreme Court rules that independent contractors are not excluded from Section 1090’s conflict provisions

29 August: Sellers are not liable for independent contractors' calls (US)

29 August: The rise of the freelance doctor: Hospitals are turning to pay-per-hour staff amid 10,000 physician shortage in the US

29 August: Freelancing is not easier than “regular” work

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15 August: Myanmar freelance start-up aims for substantial growth in one year

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15 August: Supreme Court to hear Pimlico Plumbers self employment case (UK)

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8 August: Cuba says private sector freeze will not last years

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25 July: The case against personal brands

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25 July: Bangladesh 2nd source of freelancing

25 July: India should prepare regulations for the gig economy

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18 July: Are employees supposed to be indentured servants again? (US)

18 July: New York agency publishes rules for new IC law (US)

18 July: Britain’s creative freelancers need more government protection, report argues 

18 July: By 2020 half the British workforce will be freelancing 

18 July: Older gig economy workers face unique challenges (US)

18 July: Five reasons why self-employment is the way ahead (UK) 

11 July: Taylor review set to back extra gig worker rights (UK)

11 July: Employee or contractor? Vermont Supreme Court tackles the gig economy (USA)

11 July: Legal profession calls for 'bold and far reaching' employment review (UK)

11 July: Online gig economy up 26% over last year: Oxford Internet Institute (UK)

11 July: Workers in the gig economy should get sick leave and holidays, landmark review to recommend (UK)

11 July: Spending their golden years on the job: More seniors in the workforce (USA)

4 July: DOL: “Joint employer” and “independent contractor” guidance out and wage and hour opinion letters in (USA)

4 July: State High Court widens pool of independent contractors (USA)

4 July: Trump Administration saves the sharing economy (USA)

4 July: Conservative-DUP deal is opportunity for new deal for contractors (UK)

4 July: UK minimum wage law 'should cover more self-employed workers'

4 July: Contractors could be set to benefit from Government vulnerability, says IPSE chief (UK)

27 June: Even lawyers face independent contractor-employee disputes (USA)

27 June: Dependent contractor receives 12 months pay in lieu of notice (Canada)

27 June: The future of work: why all bets are on freelancing and robotics (India)

27 June: Is freelancing better or worse for your mental health than working in an office? (UK)

27 June: Self-employed exposed to greater debt risks (South Korea)

27 June: Low wages are 'return to pre-industrial Britain', says Bank of England economist

20 June: DOL withdraws guidance on independent contractors and joint employers (USA)

20 June: Study: 65% of independent workers chose freelancing because they wanted to (USA)

20 June: On-demand gigs are now lifeblood of economy (UK)

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30 May: What the first-ever bill promoting portable benefits for independent contractors does - and does not do  (US)

30 May: Florida legislation establishes that ride-sharing drivers are independent contractors, not employees 

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30 May: Survey: The truth behind freelancers' motivations

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30 May: Not possible to give jobs to all, we promoted self-employment: Amit Shah (India)

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23 May: General practice still needs independent contractor status (UK)

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23 May: Italian “jobs act” for self-employed workers and for smart working

16 May: How status of the individual could become the deciding factor in employment rights (Ireland)

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25 April: Independent contractors in the sharing economy (US)

25 April: Beyond joint employment: do companies aid and abet discrimination by conducting background checks on independent contractors? (US)

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25 April: Azerbaijan working to up self-employment

18 April: The war on employee misclassification: Will Trump call a cease fire? (USA)

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28 March: How to make employment fair in an age of contracting and temp work

28 March: London employment tribunal supports cycle courier’s holiday pay claim

28 March: Labor and business at odds over Alaskan worker’s compensation reform

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28 March: IPSE calls for statutory definition of self-employment (UK)

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14 March: Conn. Supreme Court clarifies abc test for independent contractors

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7 March: Fedex wins Connecticut independent contractor Appeals Court case

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7 March: Empowering women through freelancing (Pakistan)

7 March: New tripartite workgroup to protect interest of freelancers (Singapore)

7 March: Review of tax for self-employed tipped for UK Budget

28 February: Alaskan Bill would define independent contractors, reform worker’s compensations system

28 February: Fourth circuit creates new joint employment test under the Fair Labor Standards Act (USA)

28 February: Why so many Americans prefer the freelance lifestyle  

28 February: Freelance jobs in Singapore on the rise

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21 February: Court rules Uber drivers are not employees (US)

21 February: After dozens of lawsuits over many years, strippers still fighting for employee status (US)

21 February: Firms may need to offer benefits to freelancers (India)

21 February: Time for Singapore to embrace a freelance, contract workforce

21 February: Self-employment driven by higher earners, says report (UK)

21 February: Taylor review on self-employment cannot recommend changes to tax policy (UK)

14 February: Vermont builder wins VT Supreme Court independent contractor case

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7 February: IPSE slams IFS’ “ludicrous” assertions about freelancing (UK)

7 February: Will Trump’s ‘colour-blind’ pro-business policies help black entrepreneurs too? (USA)

31 January: Amazon hits back as delivery drivers claim they are legally employees (US)

31 January: Uber drivers are employees, not contractors, Canadian lawsuit argues

31 January: After a decade of litigation, FedEx drivers settle for $15.45 million (US)

31 January: Harnessing freelance talent during uncertain times (UK)

31 January: Nigerian freelancing platform Asuqu raises seed funding

31 January: Self-employed people earn more money, work less and are happier, research claims (UK)

24 January: Will Trump Administration curb the recent targeting of independent contractors?

24 January: Trucking industry’s use of drivers as independent contractors under siege (US)

24 January: Uber wants court stamp on arbitration win as hint to drivers (US)

24 January: Greeks among the hardest-working population in the world

24 January: Blackpool-based federation hails self employed (UK)

24 January: More self-employed good for UK – but Government policy must keep up

17 January: Massachusetts SJC strikes a blow to Massachusetts Independent Contractor Statute

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10 January: Self-employment in Cuba advances at a turtle’s pace 

10 January: Tax break for UK’s self-employed rises in cost by nearly £2bn

3 January: Switzerland says Uber's an employer, sends social security bill

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3 January: How the gig economy will change in 2017

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3 January: London bicycle courier wins ‘gig economy’ legal battle

27 December: Labor and employment group news: independent contractor or “employee, inc.”? (USA)

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6 December: Pension scheme for the self-employed (UK)

6 December: Call to set 'self-employment' in stone (UK)

29 November: New York City extends wage theft protection to independent contractors  

29 November: More young people contracting 'old-age' conditions including varicose veins due to sedentary lifestyles

29 November: Freelance or self-employed? Five ways to make your job secure

29 November: Gig economy has arrived in India: On-demand model being adopted by workers across generations

29 November: Chancellor launches stunning blitz on self-employed (UK)

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8 November: New York’s highest court rules that yoga instructors are independent contractors

8 November: “Freelance isn’t free” says the New York city council

8 November: Is the Gig economy cannibalizing or creating jobs?

8 November: How will Brexit affect the on-demand freelance economy?

8 November: Rise of multi-jobbers in UK’s gig economy a myth, study finds

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1 November: New York passes comprehensive independent contractor bill

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25 October: From US to Europe, the face of employment is changing

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18 October: Progressives need to stop putting down the gig economy

18 October: US freelancers earned an estimated $1 trillion in 2016

18 October: Does Uber economy displace jobs? Maybe not, says this Brookings study

18 October: UK self-employed earn less than they did 20 years ago

11 October: When McKinsey met Uber: The gig economy comes to consulting

11 October: Government’s refusal to recognize the rise of independent contractors is hurting the economy (US)

11 October: The nationwide war against independent contractors continues (US)

11 October: Amazon drivers sue for not being paid as employees (US)

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11 October: Canada adds an unexpected 67,200 jobs, boosted by self-employment

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4 October: PM paves way for self-employed and temporary workers to be protected by new laws (UK)

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6 September: On-demand services look beyond contractors (US)

6 September: 67% of independent contractors would choose not to do so again (US)

6 September: Should we root for freelancing to replace jobs?

6 September: Unemployment high because youths run from challenges (Nigeria)

6 September: The UK firms reliant on the gig economy

6 September: Chile: unemployment increased in July 16, despite relevant self-employment creation

30 August: Survey exposes dark side of the Uber economy (US)

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30 August: Freelancing for women comes with some benefits, but also tricks

30 August: In Indonesia, 7-Eleven tries selling another type of Java

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30 August: Most UAE professionals prefer to be self-employed

23 August: Gig economy poses tough questions for US

23 August: Judge overturns Uber’s settlement with drivers (US)

23 August: “Misclassification mythbusters”: the Labor Department’s latest effort to crack down on independent contractor misclassification (US)

23 August: Changing dynamics in the Indian freelancing community

23 August: The freelancing economy has seen epic growth (US)

23 August: Political leader promises new skills in schools to provide self employment (Nigeria)

16 August: Deloitte’s human capital study reveals economy of freelancers

16 August: Accountants could face 100% penalties for enabling tax avoidance

16 August: Ask a lawyer: What employment rights do contractors have? (Singapore)

16 August: Will freelancing kill jobs?

16 August: The self-employment exit rate is rising

16 August: Freefall: from self-employment to unemployment (Ireland)

9 August: If the ‘gig economy’ is booming, why is ‘freelance’ still considered a dirty word associated with failure?

9 August: IPSE calls for more access to training for contractors

9 August: The concept of independent contractor is under assault (US)

9 August: Are companies liable when their ‘independent contractors’ injure consumers? (Asia)

9 August: Arizona legislature responds to independent-contractor debate

9 August: How the Affordable Care Act contributed the rise of the blended workforce (US)

2 August: EPI report recommends that 20% of American businesses should fire at least one worker (US)

2 August: New Arizona law allows independent contractors to declare their status

2 August: Freelancing is no longer what it once was – it’s better (India)

2 August: 7 steps to scaling your freelance business

2 August: Owen Smith pledges to outlaw 'bogus self-employment' (UK)

2 August: 'Govt cannot provide jobs ; emphasis is on self-employment' (Guyana)

26 July: Independent contractor misclassification: A rising tide (US)

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19 July: We need a new social contract between workers, companies, and society (US)

19 July: Shiftpixy creates new GIG economy model designed to avoid lawsuits; solves the independent contractor problem! (US)

19 July: The future’s not looking bright for freelancers (UK)

19 July: Top 20 in-demand freelance skills

19 July: Self-employment becomes only option as salaried labor drops (Greece)

19 July: Over-50s increasingly opt for self-employment

12 July: Here’s one big perk to working at a small company

12 July: What Clinton and Trump would do for gig economy workers

12 July: DOL's stance on worker misclassification belies the modern business world (US)

12 July: Freelancer numbers soar across EU

12 July: Rural areas have higher self-employment rates, says Rural Economy Committee (UK)

12 July: Is the ‘gig economy’ the new self-employment?

5 July: The independent contractor model is being left to die (UK)

5 July: Grubhub delivery drivers sue over contractor status (US)

5 July: Freelancing option may be 'running out', says IBGE (Brazil)

5 July: Startup CEO: Why you should work smarter, not harder (US)

5 July: Lancashire expert says the self-employed will lead Britain’s revival (UK)

5 July: How daycare became the most viable business for the self-employed (South Korea)

29 June: Virginia and US Department of Labor team up to fight IC Misclassification (US)

29 June: Exotic dancers ruling may affect other IC cases (US)

29 June: It turns out millennials really aren’t that into freelancing

29 June: Why freelancing is on the rise

29 June: Level the playing field for the self employed (Ireland)

29 June: Minister to banks: increase lending to SHGs, self-employed (India)

22 June: Fourth Circuit's exotic dancer decision may affect other independent contractor classifications (US)

22 June: Job seekers remain hesitant about on-demand economy (US)

22 June: Freelancers buck EU trend of shrinking workforce (UK/Europe)

22 June: ‘Bogus self-employment’ encouraged by tax system (Ireland)

22 June: Who's happier—employed or self-employed doctors?

22 June: Self-employment bringing UK closer to full employment

15 June: Secrets of the sharing economy

15 June: Are exotic dancers employees or independent contractors? (US)

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1 June: UAE companies turn to freelancers to keep costs in check

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1 June: 34% of millennials considering self-employment (UK)

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25 May: Independent contractor = No CalPERS membership, right? Not so fast! (US)

25 May: Freelancing through our golden years (US)

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25 May: Over 4 million UK residents now self-employed

25 May: Cuba to legalize small med-sized business

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11 May: Judge rejects Uber's independent-contractor argument in sexual assault tort claim (US)

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11 May: Germany looking for ways to defend the workers of the digital age

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4 May: Category error

4 May: The $100 million Uber settlement: Will the on demand economy change the nature of employment?

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4 May: 4 reasons millennials are taking on freelancing more than any generation

4 May: Which countries have the highest self-employment rates?

4 May: Conservative minister addresses concerns of self-employed (UK)

27 April: Uber settles lawsuits to keep drivers as independent contractors in California and Massachusetts (US)

27 April: Uber’s $100 million settlement with drivers settles very little (US)

27 April: Everyone keeps focusing on independent contractors (US)

27 April: UK benefits by a £109 billion contribution from freelancers

27 April: Prediction of freelancing boom backed (UK)

27 April: Jobs figures mask bogus self-employment in the shadow economy (UK)

20 April: Independent or not? (US)

20 April: The realities of living as an independent contractor (US)

20 April: How to take your freelancing to the next level

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20 April: Let’s show Britain’s 4.6 million self-employed people they have a home in the labour movement

20 April: Presidential decree on self-employment to solve employment problems (Azerbaijan)

13 April: Independent contractors — The good, the bad, and the ugly (US)

13 April: Judge rejects Lyft independent contractor settlement (US)

13 April: IT Freelancing Grows in Bangladesh

13 April: The new pioneer generation: Freelancers (Singapore)

13 April: Let’s show Britain’s 4.6 million self-employed people they have a home in the labour movement

13 April: Further spike in self-employment predicted (UK)

6 April: The top 10 industries for freelancers (US)

6 April: Hillary threatens the future of independent contractors (US)

6 April: Patient not notified doctor was independent contractor (US)

6 April: Amid Internet proliferation, freelancing grows in Pakistan

6 April: The new high-end freelancer (India)

6 April: The “Gig economy”; another vicious attack on ordinary working slobs (US)

30 March: There’s an Uber for everything now

30 March: The Independent Contractor defence in construction projects (Singapore)

30 March: Vermont Independent Contractor bill remains tied up in committee

30 March: Is the traditional freelancing advice antiquated?

30 March: A future where chatbots make personal conversation a costly luxury

30 March: Mortgage approvals on the rise for pensioners and self-employed (UK)

23 March: Court overrules NLRB, says workers are Independent Contractors not employees of referral service (US)

23 March: Lyft reportedly saved $126 million by refusing to classify drivers as employees (US)

23 March: National Living Wage: 1.7m self-employed to miss out - think tank (UK)

23 March: 13 Top deductions of the self employed (US)

23 March: Move to close self-employed ‘loophole’ being examined (Ireland)

23 March: Self-employment booms but many businesses confuse their insurance (UK)

16 March: Independent contractor ruling: A deeper dive (US)

16 March: Massachusetts independent contractor law hurts workers and the economy

16 March: Le freelancing, un modèle qui séduit plus que jamais les entreprises (France)

16 March: Youngsters increasingly prefer work flexibility to job security (Hong Kong)

16 March: Why it’s time to celebrate the self-employed (UK)

16 March: Revealed: how we’re rebranding poor people as entrepreneurs (UK)

9 March: How tech has blurred the lines of employment (US)

9 March: NYC mulls bill requiring written independent contractor agreements (US)

9 March: Uber's employment fight just got more complicated (US)

9 March: More women embracing freelancing in search of greater life balance (UK)

9 March: The hot corporate career of the future isn't what you'd expect

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24 February: Appeal court upholds award to contractors (Canada)

24 February: Uber uproar: The rage in Montreal and the strategies elsewhere

24 February: New kind of independent workforce requires new laws (USA)

24 February: Happiness is freelancing, say self-employed (UK)

24 February: Freelancing on the rise (USA)

24 February: Four ways the self-employed are hard done by – and one they are not (Ireland)

17 February: The problem with employee regulations in the sharing economy (US)

17 February: Fifth Circuit holds that independent contractors can sue under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act (US)

17 February: The rise of the digital nomad – Freelancing your way around the world

17 February: The law is in your hands (South Africa)

17 February: Self-employment review recommends 10 actions (UK)

17 February: ‘Uberisation’ provides paid work for five million as Britons embrace the new self-employment

10 February: Appeals Court finds stagehands are independent contractors (US)

10 February: Independent contractors: Can you still use them? (US)

10 February: The best part of being freelance is working in the nude (UK)

10 February: Why every freelancer needs an online marketing plan (UK)

10 February: Dutch government changes rules for self-employed

10 February: The changing world of work (UK)

3 February: Lyft drivers still aren't employees, but what about Uber drivers? (US)

3 February: Worker misclassification: Is my assistant an Independent Contractor? (US)

3 February: Flexibility attracting people to freelancing (UK)

3 February: Few freelancers are top earners, most moonlight for extra cash (The Netherlands)

3 February: Sharakah to boost self-employment opportunities in Oman

3 February: Rising from the ashes (Canada)

27 January: Put it in writing: Contractors need contracts

27 January: Is it time to scrap GP independent contractor status? (UK)

27 January: Provide greater support to freelancers (Singapore)

27 January: Boosting job creation through self-employment and entrepreneurship (EU)

27 January: Self-employment numbers continue to soar (UK)

27 January: Greek professionals and freelancers take it to the streets over security fund reforms

20 January: Sham contracting: if it quacks like a duck…

20 January: Online jobs give Pinoys chance to make mark worldwide (Philippines)

20 January: Does your personality fit the Gig economy?

20 January: The self-employed will overtake the public sector with the ‘gig economy’ (UK)

20 January: Most youth prefer self-employment, new survey shows (Kenya)

20 January: Self-employed see earnings rise at faster rate than wages (Ireland)

13 January: Most independent contractors aren't (US)

13 January: Philadelphia Uber Black drivers sue over independent contractor status

13 January: Canada's job quality fell while self-employment rose in 2015

13 January: Research shows that self-employed people are the happiest (China)

13 January: Plans to stamp out bogus self-employment contracts are being finalised (Ireland)

13 January: Freelance economy growing as employees look for flexibility, work-life balance (US)

6 January: Gig economy workers need benefits and job protections. Now. (US)

6 January: Six tech trends to watch - or ignore - in 2016

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6 January: Fianna Fáil promises to boost entitlements for self-employed (Ireland)

6 January: On mental illness: Why I suggest self-Employment

30 December: Signs of life for Independent Contractor status in Massachusetts

30 December: 2015 was the year work stopped working (US)

30 December: Freelance jobs in Philippines increasing

30 December: The Freelancer generation: Why startups and enterprises need to pay attention (US)

30 December: Plans in train to crack down on ‘sham’ self-employed (Ireland)

30 December: ‘More people than ever’ self-employed (UK)

23 December: The new age of freelancing: Why it is now a legitimate option

23 December: Employee exclusion applies to Independent Contractor truck driver (US)

23 December: Oregon Supreme Court case reminds businesses about the complexity of Independent Contractor classification

23 December: Freelancers, now key to NYC's economy, merit protection to match

23 December: Rise in contracting and self-employment swells record jobs statistics (UK)

23 December: Large numbers of self-employed people 'facing poverty when they retire' (Ireland)

16 December: Uber winning make or break legal battles across America

16 December: People power: Independent Contractor classification (US)

16 December: Here's how freelancing can affect your health

16 December: New think tank to research freelancing (UK)

16 December: Rise in freelancing remodels the face of traditional workplace (South Africa)

16 December: Self-employed stung in evasion crackdown (UK)

9 December: The "independent contractor" clause that’s helping property developers screw you over (Singapore)

9 December: Florida DEO rules Uber drivers are independent contractors for employment purposes

9 December: New York Governor vetoes Bill creating independent contractor test for newspaper carriers
9 December: Freelance becoming a choice career path (Philippines)

9 December: Thanks to internet, India has most freelance professionals after US

9 December: Young workers who do not want to be tied down turn to freelancing (Singapore)

2 December: When your boss is an Uber algorithm (US)

2 December: Electronic payment move by tradesmen to hit tax dodgers (Ireland)

2 December: Connected work worth nearly $63bn worldwide by 2020 and £2bn in the UK

2 December: Finally, there’s a debt collector for freelancers (US)

2 December: Indian economy continues to make progress

2 December: Uganda: Prepare young people for a changed world

25 November: The real reason on-demand startups are reclassifying workers (US)

25 November: Worker misclassification risk in California?

25 November: Contractor recognition by policymakers across Europe at all-time high, says expert

25 November: Six must-dos when hiring a freelancer (US)

25 November: The route to happiness is self employment says report (UK)

25 November: Self-employment up by 30,000 (UK)

18 November: Louisiana finds employers misclassify thousands of workers as independent contractors

18 November: Foster care worker held to be independent contractor (US)

18 November: 8th Circuit weighs in on FedEx independent contractor litigation (US)

18 November: Survey: More graduates considering freelancing (UK)

18 November: Gaza's unemployed youth look online for work

18 November: Gambian youths urged to explore talents for self-employment

11 November: GPC NI calls for assurances independent contractor status will not be scrapped (Ireland)

11 November: On-demand workers need ‘portable benefits,’ tech and labor leaders say (US)

11 November: Uber drivers – Independent contractors or employees? (US)

11 November: UAE: The rise of the freelancer

11 November: Freelancers - the savvy business owners’ choice (UK)

11 November: Self-employed Koreans struggle with heavy debt, massive competition

4 November: The death of the individual Independent Contractor: A growing trend points to an uncertain future (US)

4 November: Amazon drivers file lawsuit challenging ‘independent contractor’ designation (US)

4 November: Generation Y eyes freelancing the most (UK)

4 November: Workforce redefined: How freelancing became a fully fledged B2B relationship

4 November: No duties and no risk for the self employed?

4 November: Graduates shunning regular work for freelancing and self-employment (UK)

28 October: Uber responds to labor commissioner, says drivers are independent contractors (US)

28 October: Homejoy at the Unicorn Glue Factory (US)

28 October: The Uber conundrum (UK)

28 October: What kind of people actually make a living as freelancers? (US)

28 October: An enduring mystery of the ‘Gig economy’: Why are so few people self-employed? (US)

28 October: Over half a million Cubans are self-employees

21 October: Uber, Lyft, and the employment battle (US)

21 October: NLRB’s Camelot: A less congenial spot for happy Independent Contracting (US)

21 October: Self-employment falls for 7th month (UK)

21 October: Canadian entrepreneur launches banking startup for the self-employed

21 October: David Morris proposes new tax system for self-employed (UK)

21 October: The new normal: Why we’ll all be freelancers one day

14 October: FedEx chief rails against states' efforts to restrict use of independent contractors (US)

14 October: ‘Gig economy’ brings jobs, but also many freelancers (US)

14 October: Ugandan entrepreneur launches on-demand freelancing service in US

14 October: Self-employed to get annual tax credit of €550 (Ireland)

14 October: To check migration, govt to encourage self-employment (India)

14 October: Self-employment rises with joblessness, StatsCan study shows (Canada)

7 October: What startups can learn From Uber's employee misclassification mess (US)

7 October: Self-employment attracts people with an optimistic personality

7 October: Survey: For many, freelancing pays better than traditional jobs (US)

7 October: An emerging American workforce speaks out: It's time to pay attention

7 October: Half of US Freelancers wouldn’t take a job no matter what

7 October: Jeremy Corbyn's benefits pledge for the self-employed may hide a tax hike (UK)

30 September: Amazon joins the on-demand economy, using independent contractors for deliveries

30 September: New York Federal Court finds business properly classified translators as Independent Contractors

30 September: Seattle trying to unionize Uber drivers, sharing economy independent contractors

30 September: The future of work: What politicians should know

30 September: Jeremy Corbyn to pledge new rights for self-employed

30 September: Self-employment review starts with a survey (UK)

23 September: Workers of the world, disunite! The gig economy is transforming the future

23 September: California judge slaps down Uber bid to force arbitration on driver

23 September: A lawsuit to break the Gig economy

23 September: UK freelancers in confident mood

23 September: Parliamentary group launched to champion the self-employed and freelancers

23 September: Self-employed numbers fall by 51,000

16 September: Employers tap ‘gig’ economy in search of freelancers

16 September: Former Uber driver was an employee, rules California department

16 September: Independent Contractor compliance and misclassification update (US)

16 September: Hooros set to launch in bid to disrupt SA freelancing market (South Africa)

16 September: Millennials ain’t got no time for traditional tech jobs

16 September: Why false employment is the new false self-employment (UK)

9 September: Freelance jobs much more crucial in workforce (US)

9 September: Independent contractors, or abandoned workers? (US)

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9 September: UK employers fear impact of living wage, says recruitment group

9 September: Labor Day: Why small business works for America

2 September: A class of their own? Independent Contractors causing a conundrum

2 September: Why Kitchensurfing made its independent contractors into employees (US)

2 September: Uber drivers' labor lawsuit granted class action status in California

2 September: How freelancers are fighting for their labour rights (US)

2 September: National survey shows self-employed concern over pensions (UK)

2 September: The desire for independence a key driver, say self-employed professionals (UK)

26 August: FLSA Rising: How independent is that worker? Courts, employers wrestle with the question (US)

26 August: The electrician is an Independent Contractor; the Uber driver isn’t (US)

26 August: Too many independent contractors are essentially employees – without benefits (US)

26 August: Freelancing myths exposed

26 August: How freelancing is reshaping the workplace (Hong Kong)

26 August: The faces of Filipino freelancers

19 August: Independence for independent contractors (US)

19 August: Employee or independent contractor? Take the true/false quiz (US)

19 August: California Court of Appeal affirms expense reimbursement award to misclassified employees

19 August: Rise of the 'silver self-employed' (UK)

19 August: 9 challenges only freelancers understand

19 August: Who do I really work for? (UK)

12 August: Uber driver court case challenges Independent Contractor business model (US)

12 August: Even if Uber loses class certification motion, all is not lost for ride-sharing tech giant (US)

12 August: Here's why the freelancer economy is on the rise

12 August: Third of workforce will soon be 'gigging' (UK)

12 August: Self-employment falls to 21-year low (South Korea)

12 August: 'Not everyone is cut out for self-employment': Another business lie

5 August: Clinton says she’d ‘crack down’ on independent contractor abuse

5 August: The insecure world of freelancing (US)

5 August: Recession blamed for rising number of self-employed people in Devon and Cornwall

5 August: Experts wary of encouraging self-employment (Finland)

5 August: Self-employment could solve retirement savings problems (UK)

5 August: How entrepreneurship is transforming Africa

29 July: Department of Labor Issues Aggressive Interpretation of Independent Contractor Classification (US)

29 July: Luxe Valet to Convert Independent Contractors to Employees (US)

29 July: Bill Aims To Stop Employers From Incorrectly Classifying Employees As Independent Contractors (US)

29 July: This Bangladeshi startup wants to help foster the freelance community in South Asia

29 July: 7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Going Freelance

29 July: New group of Labour MPs prioritise self-employment (UK)

22 July: Department of Labor issues guidance on misclassification of employees as independent contractors, stating that “most workers are employees under the FLSA’s broad definitions” (US) [includes a link to DOL memo]

22 July: Free to freelance: Independent contractors may be shifting nature of work (US)

22 July: Uber, Lyft 'misclassifying' workers as independent contractors, lawsuit claims (Canada)

22 July: The high cost of being self-employed (US)

22 July: The IRS says freelance economy is on the rise, the BLS disagrees (US)

22 July: Self employed 'crucial to the economy' (UK)

15 July: Contractors & small business owners to pay 7.5% more tax on dividends (UK)

15 July: Household tech site Handy faces independent contractor suit (US)

15 July: Independent contractor misclassification: the hidden trap of outsourcing (US)

15 July: $100,000 a Year? Freelancing Pays Off For More Workers (US)

15 July: FreelanceME Hopes to Expand Freelancing Industry in Egypt

15 July: Women smash glass ceiling in online retail as female self-employment rises 28% (UK)

8 July: Self-employed workers are the future. We need a fair deal for them (UK)

8 July: UK govt announces a review of self employment

8 July: Telemedicine providers: Are doctors employees or Independent Contractors? (US)

8 July: Shyp is the latest on-demand company to reclassify workers as employees (US)

8 July: Why do people become freelancers? (video)

8 July: The state of the American freelancer in 2015

1 July: Uber and the not-quite independent contractor

1 July: The silent anxiety of the sharing economy

1 July: Self-employment ambassador intends to simplify IR35 (UK)

1 July: Avoiding penalties when classifying Independent Contractors (US)

1 July: Independent Contractors 101: Understanding the basics (US)

1 July: Unemployment benefits for self-employed: There is a way (US)

24 June: Uber drivers stuck in legal limbo as US labor laws fail to keep up

24 June: Uber drivers are employees not Independent Contractors, rules California Labor Commission

24 June: The Uber ruling — a bad ride for real estate’s independent contractor status? (US)

24 June: Massachusetts High Court rules real estate agents not subject to state’s stringent independent contractor law

24 June: More young people opting to freelance (Singapore)

24 June: ‘Go for self-employment’ (Zambia)

17 June: FedEx settles independent contractor mislabelling case for $228 million (US)

17 June: Nevada establishes conclusive presumption for independent contractor status

17 June: Companies on the independent contractor hit list? (US)

17 June: Helping cleans up in Singapore with Uber-like 'sharing economy' model

17 June: Entrepreneurs find self-employment club is proving just the job (Wales)

17 June: Self employment programme for rehabilitated persons (Sri Lanka)

10 June: Is your Uber driver an independent contractor or an employee? It makes a difference

10 June: US DOL to supply Independent Contractor guidance soon

10 June: Are on demand workers Independent Contractors in name only?

10 June: Independent Contractor compliance and misclassification news [update] (US)

10 June: Freelancing: is there a way back to full-time employment? (UK)

10 June: How to escape your employer's cage and become self-employed

3 June: Independent Contractor Tax Fairness and Simplification Act (US)

3 June: Florida agency says Uber drivers are employees, not contractors

3 June: Government to offer freelancing opportunities under Digital India

3 June: Freedom fighters: freelancing as direct action

3 June: In a connected world, amateurs are the new professionals

3 June: Self-employment increases when wages are up, new study shows (UK)

27 May: New GAO report on contingent workforce shows 85% of Independent Contractors are “Content with their employment type” (US)

27 May: Young twentysomethings may have a leg up in the 1099 economy (US)

27 May: Freelancers In India charge $19 per hour, female get paid 11% less than the male

27 May: Self-employment declining across cities, towns: survey (India)

27 May: Number of self-employed saving into a pension falls by 65% (UK)

27 May: Self employment thrives in wealthy areas (UK)

20 May: Temporary, casual and self-employed account for 75% of workers

20 May: Are they Independent Contractors? Don't hedge your bets on the entrepreneur test (US)

20 May: Tech companies targeted for on-demand Independent Contractors (US)

20 May: Answer these 5 questions before you go freelance

20 May: Tips for tech pros looking to turn freelance

20 May: Europe’s hidden economy: how governments can bring undeclared work out of the shadows

13 May: Are Uber drivers employees or independent contractors? (US)

13 May: Missouri cab drivers are not independent contractors, says court

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13 May: What laptop sales can tell us about sluggish capital spending (UK)

6 May: Latest IC misclassification cases (US)

6 May: Real estate agents to be employees under Massachusetts law? (US)

6 May: In most countries, freelancers earn more than average workers

6 May: Work more, earn less: four charts sum up the economics of freelancing in India

6 May: Self-employed in the arts: the good, the bad and the future (UK)

6 May: A self-employment revolution has helped fuel the economic recovery (Wales)

29 April: Massachusetts SJC Rules That Taxicab Drivers Are Independent Contractors Under The Wage Act

29 April: Internet, Uber alles? (US)

29 April: Contractor numbers grow to 1.88m: IPSE research confirms IPro increase is structural (UK)

29 April: Do's and Don'ts of Freelancing

29 April: ONS: Unemployment falls, wages stagnate (UK)

29 April: What policies encourage SuperEntrepreneurs?

22 April: What Uberx and Lyft drivers can do to minimize their personal liability

22 April: Independent contractor business model uncertain in ''on-demand'' economy (US)

22 April: Freelancing women shatter the pay gap (US)

22 April: Spanish government announces planned changes to self-employment benefits

22 April: 5 sacrifices every entrepreneur must make

22 April: Freight broker liable as statutory employee and uninsured motor carrier penalized in trucking case (US)

15 April: Court revives FLSA claims of independent contractor (US)

15 April: Ancient Greece: A great precedent for freelancing

15 April: Philippines freelancing platform gains traction, seeks investment boost

15 April: The surprising reason American women become entrepreneurs

15 April: Labour to take £7.5bn from tax avoiders (UK)

15 April: How women are trailblazing the future of work culture (US)

8 April: Independent contractor misclassification (US)

8 April: How to Make Money Freelancing

8 April: The Future for Labour Is Self-Employment

8 April: Self employment rise represents change (UK)

8 April: Employers using ‘bogus self-employment’ to face heavy penalties (UK)

8 April: Balearic Islands: leaders in self-employment (Spain)

1 April: Uber and Lyft lawsuits could have huge implications for new business models [US]

1 April: Amazon home services could take Uber’s iffy labor model to a whole new level (US)

1 April: Who's afraid of the freelance economy?

1 April: Plan to freelance in future? What you should know

1 April: Best freelancing jobs for retirees (US)

1 April: Over 140 thousand young Cubans have joined self-employment

25 March: The world’s taxi unions may have just convinced the UN to stop working with Uber

25 March: Employers using ‘bogus self-employment’ to face heavy penalties (UK)

25 March: Freelancing platforms bringing jobs to poor areas in the Philippines

25 March: When freelancing becomes an option (India)

25 March: The changing nature of online freelancing (Bloomberg video)

25 March: Budget 2015: National insurance boost for the self-employed (UK)

18 March: Little sign of ‘hidden’ jobless in self-employment boom, says BoE (UK)

18 March: Self-employment: what can we learn from recent developments? (UK)

18 March: Uber and Lyft face independent contractor challenges (US)

18 March: What the Uber, Lyft lawsuits mean for the US economy

18 March: Age, education puts Maori behind in self-employment (NZ)

18 March: Freelancing for millennials — exploring the pros and cons (US)

11 March: Nevada Bill seeks to define ‘independent contractor’

11 March: Proposed independent contractor definition makes its way to full New Hampshire House

11 March: When it comes to landing a job, does LinkedIn actually matter?

11 March: Why small businesses aren’t hiring (US)

11 March: Sharing Economy: Trend or Paradigm Change?

11 March: Self employment MP criticises Labour Party

4 March: Employment Status Report (UK Office of Tax Simplification)

4 March: Supreme Court of New Jersey rules on test for Independent Contractors

4 March: Employee or Independent Contractor – A critical distinction (US)

4 March: Land should be used as a stimulant for self employment (Guyana)

4 March: Italy approves self-employed tax system change

4 March: We're all becoming independent contractors (US)

25 February: Why we're all becoming Independent Contractors (US)

25 February: New Jersey court further limits ability to classify workers as Independent Contractors

25 February: How Live Nation exploits low-wage workers to stage its rock concerts (US)

25 February: Robust employment growth, just not for the self-employed (US)

25 February: Self-employment appeals to young people (Finland)

25 February: The self-employment challenge (Canada)

18 February: How to Compete With Cheap Freelancing Sites When You’re a Professional

18 February: Uber and Lyft Drivers: Employees, Independent Contractors, or Something Else Entirely? (US)

18 February: Oregon purse salesman: Independent contractor or employee? (US)

18 February: Employee or Independent Contractor: Why It Matters?

18 February: Freelancing by the numbers (US - infographic)

18 February: Self-employment body accuses HMRC of picking on microbusinesses (UK) 

11 February: Even an exotic dance club can comply with independent contractor laws (US)

11 February: Attorney suing Uber, Lyft in independent contractor case won similar fights for FedEx drivers, strippers (US)

11 February: The ‘sharing economy’ is under threat (US)

11 February: Freelancing isn't second-best, insist creatives (UK)

11 February: Larry Summers on what business can do to save the middle class

11 February: Self-employed lead January job growth in Canada

4 February: Freelance workers typically earn more and don't have to face a boss or unfair criticism (UK)

4 February: Uber and Lyft drivers may have employee status, Judge says

4 February: Insurance needs in spotlight as self-employment figures grow (UK)

4 February: New tech companies say freelancing is the future of work. But there’s a downside for workers.

4 February: The 2016 federal budget: targeting independent contractor misclassification as part of the “fissured workplace” (US)

4 February: Controversial Dynamex case regarding misclassification of Independent Contractors to be reviewed by California Supreme Court

28 January: Lowe's $10M settlement provides 3 lessons for firms working with independent contractors (US)

28 January: The mysterious way Uber bans drivers

28 January: How much does a no-show blizzard cost? (US)

28 January: The freelance phenomenon: how the self-employed are earning more, innovating and exploiting cutting edge technology (UK)

28 January: Youthful staff yearn to quit for freelancing (UK)

28 January: Five freelancing faux pas

21 January: New Jersey creates more difficult independent contractor test

21 January: Freelancers unite to get sickness and other employment benefits (UK)

21 January: The life of a freelancing lawyer (US)

21 January: Self-employed plumber was entitled to worker rights (UK)

21 January: More women have become self-employed since the recession (Canada)

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14 January: Employers must follow strict rules for independent contractors (US)

14 January: 4 reasons why Millennials and Boomers are joining the freelance economy

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7 January: Why companies like Uber are reshaping the world

7 January: Booming freelancing industry (Bangladesh)

7 January: Five questions every freelancer should ask

7 January: Are you ready to become a freelancer? [Infographic] (US)

7 January: New Italian reduced self-employed tax system in effect

7 January: Self employment in Europe [IPPR Report]

31 December: Court finds that horse trainer was an independent contractor, not employee (US)

31 December: Freelancing: A way for those who like change and variety to work

31 December: Self-employed women may get more pay during maternity leave (UK)

31 December: Wage-Law Enforcer: ‘Jaw-Dropping’ Violations Demand Tougher Action (US)

31 December: Three things for small-business owners to pay attention to in 2015 (US)

31 December: Weak financial stimulus bane of entreprenuership in Nigeria

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17 December: The Boy Who Cried Wolf: Paris, Taxis & UberPOP

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17 December: How to be a successful freelancer in Nigeria

17 December: Having a hard time landing freelance jobs? (Philippines)

17 December: Many freelancers consider themselves falsely self-employed (The Netherlands)

10 December: Employee Or Independent Contractor? Bigger Than Immigration (US)

10 December: Are Exotic Dancers Employees or Independent Contractors? (US)

10 December: Independent contractor vs. employee: Were employment discrimination claims valid? (US)

10 December: Beyond the office walls: large corporations increasingly hiring freelancers (Asia)

10 December: ARC steps up campaign on false self-employment rules (UK)

10 December: ILO: Wage growth remains below pre-crisis level

3 December: Self-employment isn't bad - and London is the best city in the world

3 December: Don’t misclassify independent contractors

3 December: Strippers win $10.9 million judgment for unpaid wages from New York club

3 December: Retirement plans for the self-employed (US)

3 December: Punjab CM bats for self employment opportunities

3 December: Self-employment reshapes business attitudes (UK)

26 November: Contractor or Employee? Silicon Valley's Branding Dilemma

26 November: DOL Refills States’ War Chests For Independent Contractor Misclassification Crackdown (US)

26 November: Be a Bulletproof Freelancer: Three Rules for the First Six Months

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26 November: UK’s self-employed celebrate National Freelancers Day

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19 November: Independent Contracting: How to get there

19 November: Top Independent Contractor Apps (List)

19 November: NLRB issues new Independent Contractor misclassification test (US)

19 November: Happy national freelancers' day – or is it really so happy? (UK)

19 November: Putting iPros on the European political agenda

19 November: The entrepreneurial potential at the bottom of Africa’s pyramid

12 November: The most entrepreneurial US immigrants

12 November: Ministers look at slashing freelancer tax breaks, hitting employers who use self-employed (The Netherlands)

12 November: Kansas rejects Independent Contractor classification of delivery drivers

12 November: Independent workers and the freelancer economy (US)

12 November: Freelancers, here's how to negotiate raises with clients

12 November: Cybercrime: The next entrepreneurial growth business?

5 November: Professionals in most senior positions choosing to become contractors grows by 47% in five years

5 November: Unwilling freelancers give the lie to unemployment statistics (UK)

5 November: California court complicates determination of independent contractor misclassification claims

5 November: Fighting ISIS with Entrepreneurship

5 November: Employee or Contractor? Here's a Cheat Sheet on Classification (US)

5 November: Self-employed? You're 'stumbling into pensions nightmare' (UK)

29 October: How Fedex is trying to save the business model that saved it millions

29 October: Taxing the self-employed: Government punishes riskers in Budget 2015 (Ireland)

29 October: UK’s missing billions haunt Osborne in low-pay recovery

29 October: Canada pumps out 74,100 jobs as jobless rate drops to 6.8%

29 October: Entrepreneurial plans highest in sub-Saharan Africa

29 October: What can government do to help the self employed? (UK)

22 October: When do you have to pay independent contractors superannuation?

22 October: Security Clearance Code of Practice is a welcome step (UK)

22 October: Self employment outstrips traditional routes (UK)

22 October: What the Philippine online freelancing industry needs to further grow

22 October: Government borrowing: self-employed can’t ride to Osborne’s rescue (UK)

22 October: How to turn a freelance job into a full-time career (US)

15 October: New York “Black Car” drivers found to be Independent Contractors

15 October: Hiring Independent Contractors: Why everyone will be doing it by 2020

15 October: The best apps for freelancers

15 October: 5 surprising facts about Freelance jobs today (US)

15 October: Industry bodies call for minister for self-employment (UK)

15 October: The happy band of the self-employed is remaking our economy for the better (UK)

8 October: Finally: lifeline for self-employed on mortgages (UK)

8 October: Indie-workers pushing US economy

8 October: Calls to end national insurance tax subsidy for self-employed (UK)

8 October: FAAAA may pre-empt Massachusetts Independent Contractor law

8 October: 7 affordable resources for self-employed workers

8 October: Petition calls on government to support self employed (UK)

1 October: Freelancers called to identify their big issues (UK/Europe)

1 October: The Un-boss of the future

1 October: Wage withholding wisdom: Ruling on FedEx Independent Contractors may have state tax implications (US)

1 October: Judge rules newspaper carriers are employees, not independent contractors (US)

1 October: Labour need to address the self-employment problem (UK)

1 October: 40,000 Kerala diaspora returnees seek self-employment loans (India)

24 September: Labour to Prioritise GP Recruitment and Keep Independent Contractors (UK)

24 September: Freelancing in America: A National Survey of the New Workforce

24 September: 1 in 3 American Workers Freelances. But Is The Phenomenon Growing?

24 September: From Full-Time To Freelance: How To Make The Leap (US)

24 September: Philippine senator Aquino wants to help freelancers

24 September: Tips to Succeed at Independent Contracting

17 September: Taxes versus a mortgage for self-employed (Canada)

17 September: Be careful in just "doing something" about independent contractors (US)

17 September: Self-employment body welcomes calls to put freelancing at heart of public policy (UK)

17 September: Are you actually an independent contractor? A rough diagnostic (US)

17 September: California’s ‘right to control’ test vs. the independent contractor (US)

17 September: Richard Branson on Common Misconceptions About Becoming an Entrepreneur

10 September: Canada’s labour data fail to shine proper light on self-employed

10 September: FedEx latest company slammed over 'independent' employees (US)

10 September: Is this the end of the Independent Contractor as we know it? (US)

10 September: Self-employed ranks boosted by older workers (Wales)

10 September: Eight reasons why entrepreneurship is in decline (US)

10 September: Exotic dancers say they are employees, not independent contractors (US)

3 September: Small business, big mistake: Classifying employees as independent contractors (US)

3 September: Think tank’s call to let self-employed withdraw funds from their pension pots (UK)

3 September: Fedex Case: Earthquake in the Independent Contractor Misclassification Field (US)

3 September: PCG evolves to become IPSE, the UK’s new association for self-employed professionals

3 September: Five financial perils of self-employment

3 September: What Generation Z Entrepreneurs Are Like

27 August: UK is now the self-employment capital of western Europe, says IPPR report

27 August: Self-Employment on the Rise in Canada, Particularly Among Seniors

27 August: Self employed? You'll be older, working longer and for less pay (UK)

27 August: Why I Believe In The Freelance Workstream

27 August: Freelancing Sucks (US)

27 August: Terminating independent contractor’s agreement after a complaint about a discriminatory joke made by another independent contractor (US)

20 August: Were Oregon workers independent contractors or employees? (US)

20 August: Self employment climbs to 4.6m Britons

20 August: Why is UK self-employment at a record high?

20 August: Rising British self-employment used to obscure worsening job situation

20 August: The Road Between Employment and Entrepreneurship

20 August: Training the trainers: ILO kick-starts entrepreneurship training programme (Pakistan)

13 August: In the sharing economy, a rift over worker classification (US)

13 August: Newspaper carrier is independent contractor (US)

13 August: Smart, Not Hard: Five Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get Ahead

13 August: The business model for GPs is busted. How can we fix it? (UK)
13 August: Startups and depression: the dark side of entrepreneurship

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30 April: UK Self-Employed May Hold Key to Rate Hikes

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22 October: 5 Ways of Funding A Business: How To Get Your Piece Of The Pie

22 October: Global army of online freelancers remakes outsourcing industry

22 October: Couple bite the bullet with new fish bait

22 October: Record self-employment means now is the time to start a business

15 October: U.S. self-employment approaches 9.9 million, SBA reports

15 October: School entrepreneurs doubling their chances of self-employment

15 October: SMEs still striving for recovery

15 October: Chinese school teaches Web entrepreneurship

15 October: Web pulls in punters for small businesses

15 October: Kiwis over 65 lead jump in income from self-employment

2 October: The upside of self-employment – command and control

2 October: Small Business: Taking the plunge - Martin Hawes

2 October: Mortgages and loans – harder for the self-employed?

2 October: Entrepreneurs: Born or Made? Princeton Dropout vs. Wharton MBA

2 October: You’re self-employed, now plan for an emergency

2 October: Little guy’s win against credit card companies, priceless

24 September: Who Wants to Marry an . . . Entrepreneur? [India]

24 September: GEM report reports higher level of entrepreneurs in 2011

24 September: Mentor Day targets older entrepreneurs

24 September: 'Solopreneurs' capitalize on changing workplace

24 September: French small business faces job-creation hurdles

10 September: Ask a Business Expert: Is worker employee or contractor?

10 September: Indonesia plans new franchise rules to boost local businesses

10 September: 10 things small businesses won’t tell you

10 September: The importance of small business in South Africa

10 September: Independent Contractor Challenges Aren't Going Away

10 September: Small Business Optimism in U.S. Rises From Nine-Month Low

4 September: Remittances spur entrepreneurship (Philippines)

4 September: How to tell if entrepreneurship is for you

4 September: Traveling Bar Goes Anywhere On A Bicycle (UK)

4 September: In India, 100-Year-Old Lunch Delivery Service Goes Modern

4 September: Small UK firms reduce borrowing as fear economic slowdown

4 September: Is there such a thing as a "nonpartisan" plan to promote entrepreneurship? (US election)

4 September: Independent Contractors Under Fire (US)

27 August: Small-business customer service tools: Social media, surveys

27 August: Entrepreneurship success lessons from dog tale

27 August: Innovation will enable US to fly in the face of recession

27 August: A nation of temps

27 August: Entrepreneurship: Taking the first step

27 August: Employers beware: More independent contractor misclassification audits are expected

20 August: Entrepreneurship and nature of family businesses in Nigeria

20 August: Small Businesses Continue Saying: Yes, We Did Build It!

20 August: 7 Common Mistakes Young Startup Founders Make

20 August: Parallel players: Why many of Africa’s budding businessfolk are jacks-of-all-trades

20 August: Parallel entrepreneurs: Indians simultaneously investing money in different ventures in Silicon Valley

15 August: Egypt 2.0: The Revolution Continues

15 August: Maryland's Workplace Fraud Act Undergoes Amendments

15 August: Launch of Ist Innovation Policy (Pakistan)

15 August: Kenya: A Young Entrepreneur Who Refused to Look for a Job

15 August: How independent contractor can qualify for unemployment (Minnesota)

15 August: Innovation key to progressing SA to high-income status

Entrepreneurs did ‘build that’

Decline of entrepreneurship blamed for Japan woes

Regulation Manual Promotes Environment-friendly Self Employment

‘Today’s self-employed, wealth generators of tomorrow’

How to Grow Your Network Without Really Trying

BusinessWise: Who to hire?

5 reasons why India is the worst Asian country for entrepreneurs

Young Spanish entrepreneurs come cheaper than their US and British rivals

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